Aug 11 2008

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Additional notes for today's show

As mentioned above, the audio for this show is available in the archive. 

Co-host is Coryon Redd of, email address: coryon at
He is teaching a class on web site design aimed to get a high listing on Google.
To be held on Wed 7pm to 9:30pm at Sierra College (Grass Valley campus) room L101.
To register for the class call 530-274-8455. You can register by Wed at 5pm
Sponsored by the Nevada County Economic Resource Council, 530-274-8455
Keep checking back as there may be more classes if interest continues.

Find out where to recycle batteries in your local area.

Free resources for the web designer…
Wordtracker on Google to find the best keywords to use on your web site.
How to use Wordtracker here.
Use social sites (Facebook or Myspace) to spread the word about your business. shows what, on a web page, a search engine crawler sees.
To find out who links to you, how many links are there to you, etc:
Google Analytics helps you determine who's coming to your site; what they
searched for to get there, etc.

Use Google Local Business Center to find out how to customize the way your business search results are displayed in a Google search.
Google Alerts is an electronic news clipping service to keep track of trends in your business sector. Go to, create an alert & link it to your Google account.

On some email systems (e.g. one can use a period, to the left of @ sign; in the email.

Steven Krug's "Don't Make Me Think" book is recommended to those who want to design a web site.

Service pack 3 for XP may cause problems for some people.
See show notes for May 19 2008 for links.

July 28 2008

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One can find tech news at

To opt out of telemarketing phone and fax calls at
One originally had to reregister every 5 years but that may be longer now.
A similar service for mail is dmachoice.orgv.

It's now possible to transfer your phone number from AT&T or other carriers to such VOIP accounts as.

Virtual fax services make your incoming fax available as a pdf file.

If you try to get your credit reports from you may have to pay. is truly free.
If you stagger your requests 4 months apart you'll be able to get your free credit reports from each of the 3 credit companies in the shortest time.

External sound cards are available that use the USB port and they work for PC's & Macs.
Search for "usb sound" at
They usually provide headphone & mic ports.

Carnegie Mellon computer science prof Randy Pausch, who died recently from cancer, has a popular viral video;

A caller asks for a recommendation of a laptop.
An option is to find a refurbished Mac at apple and then get apple care extended warranty from a 3rd party like

One does not have to have landline phone number from AT&T to get DSL from them., another VOIP hardware unit, is an alternative to a landline.

A caller wants to share Quickbooks data with a coworker over the internet. is one recommendation.

July 14 2008

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KVMR's Birth Cries were around 1PM July 14 1978 which we mean to commemorate!!!!
It;'s Also Bastille DAy commemorating the start of the French Revoltion:

We sprang an Interview with Jemma Abbott, a founder and first voice on the air of KVMR after 'Dead Air'- Archive to Follow
Some Background about early Tech at KVMR– Analog!
Soem Info abotu the state of Technology on July 14 1978 and wehre various of us were…..

VOIP Virtualised Phone Number- CAN move ATT numbers up here now.. see http://Www.BraodVoice.Com and lingo.con and of course for More Infornation: Basically it's Dial Toen generated by a call router for a virtual exchange over the Itnerent. But your house phones are all the same… Ket's Talk!

Disability Use of Windows XP: Thanks to Andrea for the Research: If attempting to tune and scale Fonts under XP for vision impairment,  (Yep– Me!)  infinite font & Screen Scaling is simply NOT offered under my preferred Classic mode, one needs XP mode, More on the Show!

Thsi show is dedicated to my father (Paul) who died this day 1995. Also:
THANKS to Michael Stone and many others who are saving our real lives every day
You Know Why! and my tohughts to Susan Kline. Photomatix software Increase the dynamic range of your photograph. Your camera and retina have rather poor 'dynamic range' of lighting extremes they can cope with. Your brain takes care of your eyes, Photomatix can take care of your photos actually be blending bracketed shots into remarkable hybrids. Superreal or fake? you decide! (MAC or PC, PC requires free Net Framework 1.1)

End. Thank You!

June 30 2008

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Paul Still out Of Country Avoiding Smoke : )  * THANKS to guest co host Mikail Graham of The Other Side & Much More for Sitting In

The same week Bill Gates officially steps down as head of Microsoft, XP is finally pulled from Shelves. The End of an Era?

FireFox version 3 release official I (Paul) Tried it. Nice!

MAC issue for Mikail to get old OS 9.1 data onto new Powemac: Use External FireWire drive. TArget Mode by either machine was Not Happy!

Caller spoke of an HP All in One printer 'vanishing'. I (Paul) am aware of Conflicts of HP software with IE7. 1) Try: Programs… HP .. Hp Software update. Or, 2) Visit and chose "Drivers & Downloads" then look for your Printer and get all-new Software…

AVG 8 NOT without Problems: I suggest turning OFF or Disabling the AVG Add On within FireFox that causes Link Checking when using things like Google as it adds traffic, slows things down and is not neccesarily that helpful given the anti phishing tools already existing within FireFox AND your Due Dilegence– OF COURSE : ). Tools.. AddOns.. Unistall (OR, Disable) then Restart FireFox. AVG is reather well deployed, so Webmasters need to skip the logging of the scans performed on the Links this performs…

END. Thank You One And All.


June 16 2008

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Ever on more than MAC or PC? iTunes does not allow you to do the intuitive thing, which is to move songs between various iPod and iTunes locations for copyright and marketing, not technical reasons. What you need is a so called iPod ripper. I have not found a free one but for $25 I am very happy with XILISOFt's iPod Ripper and a number of their other products to get materials on and off your iPod without iTunes. More Here: (free trial download). Cleverly, you can load the software and run it FROM THE iPOD Itself, IF you enable Disk mode.
Some useful iPhone and iPodTouch links & info to check out:
(Guest host: Mikail Graham- Thanks!)
UNLOCKING YOUR 1st GENERATION iPhone or iPod Touch using firmware 1.1.4

iLiberty+ Mac or PC –
The iPhone Project PC & MAC –
Hack the iphone/itouch blog –
iPod Touch Fans site –
iPhone 3G Features
– 3G-capable. 2.8 times faster than EDGE (AT&T 2G network)
– Simultaneous voice and data conections
– Microsoft Exchange AcctiveSync
– GPS built-in
– Better battery life – 300 hours of standby, Talk-time 10 hours (as opposed to 5) on 2G networks, 5 hours of 3G talk-time (competition is 3 hour 3G talk time), 5 to 6 hours of high-speed browsing, 7 hours of video, 24 hours of audio.
– flush headphone jack
– MobileMe replaces .Mac
– App Store – 71% of the apps in the App Store are to be free!

Pricing and Availability
The iPhone 3G will be available July 11th in 22 countries for $199 for 8 GB and $299 for 16 GB. The 16 GB model also comes in white.

iPhone basic plan:
$199.00  – 8gb 3G iPhone basic cost

$39.95 – basic voice plan
$30 – 3G data plan (no SMS?) – $45 for business users!
$69.95 – per month w/o taxes and other charges
$1678.80 – 24 month contract fees
approximate costs w/taxes and charges
$1877.80 – total for 2 years
and last for now
$10 – SMS message plan is extra
AT&T has stated if you bought your iPhone after May 27th, you can swap out your iPhone for a free 3G iPhone upgrade – no cost, no contract extension.


3G service is not available everywhere yet you still pay for it
no voice only plan which would allow wifi to be used instead of 2/3G data plan
the new iPhone must be activated IN STORE and not allowed to activate via the iTunes Store as was the case previously with the original iPhone. Tthis means effectively no JAILGREAKING of the new iPhone at this time.

New 3G iphones must be activated within 30 days or they will penalized with a yet to be made public fee according AT&T and Apple.

3G data coverage info

.Mac, Apple's nice but relatively outdated service which gave users the ability to sync their contacts, calendars, photos, and files online, is now being changed to MobileMe.

The service runs $99/yr, with new users getting a free 60 day trial. MobileMe lets you access and manage your email, contacts, calendar, photos, and files at (which still isn't quite up it seems). Push technology means when you update your contacts, calendars, or email on your iPhone, web, or Mac, the updates are automatically and immediately pushed out to all your other MobileMe devices.

APPLE A DAY article
iPhone App Store Developers Have Size and Price Limits: 2GB and $999
AppleInsider has a scoop on the iPhone App Store and the limitations Apple is placing on them. Each individual app will have a hard limit of 2GB, as well as a ceiling of $999 for each app. These two look like pretty reasonable limits for all but the most extreme of cases. If someone wants to charge more than $0, the lowest possible price is $0.99. There are other details, such as how an App looks, how they're rated inside the store, and region control, but Apple's legal team had AppleInsider take those images down—always a sign that there was some good stuff there. [AppleInsider]
Mac Rumors iPhone News
iPhone Alley
The 20 Best iPhone and iPod touch Applications
Apple WWDC Keynote
Moo Cow Music "Band" application
YouTube video of iBand
Parodia iBand


May 19 2008

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A power meter that takes the power factor into account & computes usage in dollars.
Kill-A-Watt EZ model from $40

Vista service pack 1. Get it only from Microsoft to avoid earlier pre-release versions.

Some drivers for Hewlett Packard multi-function machines won't install on a Vista PC.

XP service pack 3 is also available. Those with an HP computer and an AMD processor check with HP before installing. Original article here. And there may be even more porblems .

How to get a telephone number without a landline when all you have is wireless internet.
Use cordless VOIP telephone. Looks like a cell phone but connects to the wireless router you have "permission" to use. Skype phone is one type but requires computer, Vonage doesn't. Search with Google using "cordless viop sets".

Refurbished Toshiba with AMD Athlon 64×2 dual core processor tk55; 1gig RAM; 120gig hard drive; DVD burner; 15" wide screen; 802.11b & g wireless, 4 usb, 1 firewire, ethernet; S-video. From Fry's in Roseville.

$10 DSL from AT&T for new customers. Includes a rebate on the modem, but be alert for a coupon which comes later in the mail.

At click on igoogle (upper right). Create a personalized page to customize your experience, using only cookies.

Norton Ghost from Symantic; does drive cloning; track-by-track duplication of your hard drive.
G4L does similar stuff but is free.
also, Drive Image Pro

Be careful when entering the URL of a website. may take you to a different place than, possibly a site designed to steal your personal information. Misspellings pose the same threat.

Someone's found a way around Verisign high security certificates for Paypal. Be sure to enter the correct URL in the address bar.

A caller asked about an alternative to dial-up internet connections where there's no DSL:
Satellite services, are expensive, and secure connections over a satellite link may be slow.
In the foothills there's terrestrial wireless like Smarter Broadband.
Accelerators for dial-up connections. May not help much with secure connections. They generally only work with loading web pages at a 10%-20% increase (personally, I got 100% or more increase). But be sure the accelerator software you download comes from a trusted source.
Broadband over cell phone networks. More from a previous show's notes here
If you have cable TV, that provider may also offer internet.

On a Mac you can usually copy a backed up version of an application to a different Mac. Just drop it into the Application folder. You may be asked to reenter the key to verify ownership. Things aren't that simple in Windows.

Caller wants to choose a hardware interface that will be supported the longest. Of the two choices PCI may be around longer than PCMCIA.



May 5 2008

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Hello All: Paul Castro Back with Glenn in the Studio! THANKS to Alex for publishing show notes and to Adam Brodel for being here last time.

THANKS to Mila fresh from the Broadcaster Class who helped out and fit right in with answering calls and had esoteric knowledge about software version numbers and program quirks.

Final Vista Service Pack 1 Release Mid April 2008; Use Google to Look up : KB936330
Reason: Microsoft uses such funky tranansient URLs that I cannot reliably insert them here!
Administrative Download (5+ Languages) is nearly 500MB but it appears to WORK after many false & buggy starts. A Very funny 'christmas tree icon flash' Bug after restart!!

Naughty APPLE is foisting Safari for Windows onto us as an 'Update' via the iTunes Update Facility.
I love iTunes, I don't mind Safari but I hate their arrogance.  If you ever wondered how a boat load of garbage ends up on your PC that makes it unuseable after a year or less,
here's one way. Get Stuffed on THAT one Apple!

Other ways: everyone and his or herr sister shoving the Yahoo Toolbar onto you when you install 'free' stuff: This is the technical equivalent to me of NOT labelling your foods and products honestly with their purpose.  "Kill a Watt" Clever Energy Meters that tells you in a runnign total the Cost of Energy for particular devices in your home: Especially the "EZ" model.

No Good hiding the System Tray to pretent Too Many THings are running:
I typically have about five, that's all. Any More and soemthign is wrong!

Check out Amazon Web Services for truly virtualized web/app hosting!
Today, Peter Gabriels physical host was Stolen in the UK and his site went down It would not happen with this system!

Google: DOCS and iGoogle Just Got Better! Yea!

Hey look the free AVG Antivirus version 7.5 many of us use is starting
to nag us to buy upgrades to paid version 8.0 and warnign 7.5 will quit
operating at the end of may.
and why not.

If you DO buy,
be sure to ONLY get the Antivirus Product, not the Internet Security
suite which as many found, utterly busts Windows (more)

But you can continue to freeload
or even start using this Antivirus
product for the first time by going to:

click throughout on the FREE version 8 DO NOT pick Upgrade otherwise it will NOT show oyu the Free one.
save & then Install..
It will detect version 7.5 and Remove it. That's Okay It will offer to
install Security Toolbar: Pick NO.
It will offer to schedule scans everyday. Pick NO It will want Rebooting
Then it will UPdate. or Make it Do so.
Back in Business.
This version has URL Phishing Checking
which is bound to have an impact on web browsing speeds.

TSA & DHS Take Laptops. NO Guidlines about use of data on way thorugh borders. More On Show.

32 bit CPU RAM Linit under 4GP LAE: The Limiti We THought We Would Never Reach

Glenn's EeePC Recoverd from Trip

Apple LogicPro 8 surprisingly low cost!

Mexican Mobile Phone Use in Baja by Paul




April 21 2008

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Glenn's co-host today is Adam of Smarter Broadband, a wireless provider in the foothills

A caller has the illustration program Freehand that doesn't run on newer Macs.
He wants to know how to run Mac emulator on Windows side of the Mac to emulate an old Mac OS in order to run Freehand.
Try the program called Basilisk
sheepshaver Mac emulator, made obsolete by Basilisk

A caller received an email from herself that she didn't send.
"From:" header can easily be faked,
If others in your address book also got the email, then someone may be using your account.

A caller has problem burning music from local files.
Try replacing the CD/DVD burner possibly with an external one or just adding a second drive.
Check if you currently have an IDE or SATA drive to know which type to buy.
If adding a second drive internally you may need to set one to master & the other to slave.

Caller with AVG anti-virus keeps getting an error message on boot up telling her to restart the machine.
Keep your machine updated. Run Internet Explorer, under tools, click Windows Update.
Click on the AVG icon in the taskbar and see if any items need updating.

A Mac user wants to know how to record radio shows.
Garage Band comes with most newer Macs.
Wiretap Pro is inexpensive and v1.3.2 is available as a demo at
Some stations have archives of shows; look around on their sites.

Caller wants to know how to tell if the audio coming from the computer analog or digital?
Sound cards have analog outputs but different brands have different quality.
Some sound cards also have digital outputs.
RCA or 1/8" miniplugs are almost always analog.
If you use the 1/8" miniplug as output to your stereo be sure to turn down the volume on the computer.

A caller has a problem with occasional noise while playing a DVD on Acer laptop.
Put the DVD into the holder carefully.
The drive may be bad.
Run a cleaning disk thru it.
Other programs may be using up cpu cycles; shut them down.
Try different player software.
Reinstall the CODEC and/or the player software.

Glenn spotted a clone of an iphone at $112 to $175, coming soon.

WiFi speed can be affected by signal strength because packets may be dropped if the signal is weak.
A better wifi card may improve reception.
An antenna extension may be available for your unit.



Mar 24 2008

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The Eeepc was mentioned on other shows. Please use search feature to find.
2gig version can be had for $369
4gigs for $499
Costco is selling one in pink for $399
User forums:

Jeffrey Heins (today's co-host) recommends Ubuntu if you want to try Linux; wait for April update, it runs on Windows NTFS hard drives.
Check for drivers for your hardware when you pick a flavor of Linux
Many of the flavors have the live CD feature where the Linux will boot directly from the CD, bypassing Windows, allowing you to try it before installing.

Service pack 1 for Vista may not make significant improvements. Some articles here:'Vista'

Kindle, an ebook reader from Amazon, uses wireless (cell phone network, provide in the cost) to download ebooks, newspapers, etc.
Uses electronic ink technology for a paper-like display:

Google wants to use unused tv bands to provide wireless connections.

Caller with an iPod wants to exclude songs from a shuffle list but the iPod insists on including them.
Suggestion is to update the firmware.
Get more tips in the ipod forum at:

How the date of Easter is determined and ecclesiastical full moon vs. astronomical Full Moon:
The algorithm used to calculate Easter:
Even more here; with a computer program in BASIC (see, it is related to computers):

Earth's rotation varies over time. Link to International Earth Rotation Service:

AT&T DSL price increased by $5/mo, check your phone bills.
Speed problems with DSL are not usually due to lack of bandwidth on your end. Buying extra bandwidth my not necessarily improve your experience.

You may have problems if you're using an SMTP (outbound mail) domain other than SBCglobal/Yahoo/Pacbell, when using AT&T DSL.
Either use an SMTP server different from that provided by AT&T or go to, log into your account and use the settings to register the domain you want to use for mail.

Google will host your mail domain, in google apps, for free.

A caller asks about using a laptop (connected to the internet) to send/receive data/messages on a cell phone.
With bluetooth connecting the laptop & phone you'll get about 9600 baud transfer rate.
Using bluetooth to transfer files from the phone to a computer (no internet involved) it's about 115k baud
Using a laptop to get on the internet thru a cell phone via bluetooth you may get charged extra for data transfers.
For $70/mo you can get a special USB device (for your computer) that will use the cell phone network for internet connections.
You may be able to get EDGE, at $30/mo, for your phone so you can use the phone to connect the computer to the internet.
Some info about EDGE, EVDO, HSUPA, etc:

For those thinking of getting a Blackberry, check to see how well it can sych up with your other devices.

Mozilla Sunbird is comparable to Mac's ical calendar/scheduling program.

Jeffrey Hein runs an IT consulting business that integrates technology into your business.
Phone 530-274-2037

Mar 10 2008

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Amazon Kindle reading device! 


Play Other Region DVDs.
WARNING: All is at your Own Risk!

most domestic DVD players can be disarmed
so they will play legitimate DVDs that come from other regions
by setting the player  Region Code to "0".

The USA is "Region 1" but Europe is "Region 2"  etv,
so disks will not play out of region.
technical blurb you can ignore is here 

and how to actually do it is here:

Note this is nothing to do with cracking the disk
copy protection either… It is for playing the disk outside the region it was sold in
which is normally barred with  message:
"Wrong Region"

Legitimate DVDs from the USA and play them in the UK
and vice versa.

a quirk in law says that it is forbidden to resell DVDs in for example the UK that were made in the USA as they have not been through the British Board of Film Ratings,

BUT you CAN buy them abroad AND you can even unlock the players like
this. Gray Area: Can you sell unlocked players? Who Knows?

Now to watch those nice BBC DVDs I got for Christmas
in the UK here in the USA their original form!

 Glenn has the Blackberry Curve pda & phone. It has a QWERTY keyboard
Palm Centro is its competitor

A caller has problem connecting his LG cell phone with his Toyota Prius using Bluetooth.
A firmware update from Verizon is suggested by dialing *228.
Bluetooth sometimes has trouble connecting to more than one device at a time.

For posting pictures to the web or emailing them you may need to resize or change resolution. The following software can help you do that.
microsoft image resizer from the Powertoys package for Windows XP:
You can also use…
Paint Shop Pro is now a Corel product but earlier free versions can be found.
I got mine here:
Learn more about Paint Shop at these sites:
resize2mail does the resizing online, no software to download.

For capturing video from the web (like from YouTube) to a local file
"video saver" for Firefox. If it isn't this, then I dunno, sorry.

Finding files by size. View directory statistics:

Using .rar compression & other compression schemes (.zip; .rar; cdrom images).
To learn more about .rar files:
After you install izarc, right click on the file you want to uncompress, then click on izarc. It can concatenate very long files as it uncompresses.

Episodes of old tv shows are at this AOL site. But it may currently be having problems, as a caller experienced.

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