Dec 31 2007

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A summing up of what's happened in 2007.
Netscape Officially Dead as of Feb 01 2008!

 Plasma TV versus LCD: Lee Osborbe 

Paul has made the audio of the show available here
The approximate times are from the beginning of the mp3 and are in decimal minutes.

2.5 min
HDTV; plasma vs. LCD
Plasma may be on the way out.

4.83 min
Caller's question about installing a modem in a Mac G5 tower.
Suggestion to use a USB modem.

10.42 min
More info on plasma tv's.
Some disadvantages: burn-in, weight, possibly life span

13.5 min
Caller has 6 year old PC with Win2000, should he upgrade?
Dell still has some PC's with WinXP:
Businesses are advised to have second machine before the 1st one fails.

20.5 min
More on plasma vs. LCD displays.
There may (or not) be a difference in the off-angle viewing.
Plasma may have more glare than LCD.
See the above link for a comparison of the two.

24 min
Digital tv switch over is coming Feb 2009:
Digital does not imply high definition.
More on plasma vs. LCD displays.

29.25 min
Credit to the people, behind the scenes, who make the Zentech program happen.

34.26 min
Support for Netscape has ceased.
See the above link.
A little about its history & its ties to AOL.
Does the AOL software have problems with Vista?

36.76 min
Caller concerned about damaged hard drive.
Tips on recovering data from it.
Some credit card companies may double the warranty.

39.9 min
Caller wants to use a modem with a laptop.
Glenn's Diamond Supra Shotgun modem can combine 2 phone lines to increase thru-put
USB modem suggested over a serial modem

42.56 min
Glenn's ASUS mini-laptop & others can be used with a large external display.
Caller claims the latest version of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) has a great display.

46.25 min
Trick with pulling off the Polaroid film from a watch or LCD display.
It can then only be read wearing Polaroid glasses.

Free & highly valued software:
AVG anti-virus:
Spybot anti-spyware (includes file shredder):
Ad-aware anti-spyware:
Firefox browser (many plugins, more basic interface):
Thunderbird email & usenet:
Opera browser (some plugins, more user-friendly settings):
Zone Alarm firewall (for those without XP + service pack 2):
Audacity Audio editor:
Audacity plugin called Lame (for saving mp3):
Belarc Advisor profile of installed software & hardware:

iPod, iTouch:
Treo (cell phone & organizer):

All imaginable disclaimers apply. Use the above at your own risk

Dec 17 2007

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Tech gadgets for Christmas is the theme. If you found something cool, call in and share.

Seems more & more people's annoyance at the rampant materialism of the season simply causes many  to not want or give give presents as such this year more than ever-

Consider events to do together, specially chosen software for family & freinds, and creative toys like sound and video editing software for those powerful machines!

Consider having a Tech Free Week over the holiday season! the iPod after all is one of the worst offedners for social isolation and separation. If thsi suggestion seems weird coming from the Tech Guys, consider that the worlds greatest and earliest conservationists were- Hunters (If you do not beleive me, look up "forest laws" in Google! before turning everythign OFF!)

Happy 60th birthday, Transistor!

Control Pro Tools from an iPhone:

MAC: "Leopard" Also Known As MAC OS 10.5 will not just run on Intel CPUs. But will NOT run on a G4 (PowerPC)  unless the CPU is at least 850MHz!

iPod Classic– 6th Generation- the Video one…Of Sep 2007 has an UPdate ot 1.0.3- Should One Do That? Yes. (I Say). Note that video adapters to play back trhough TC MUCT be those designed for thsi species of iPod and NOT for earleir ones! $49 from Apple. Less from China by way of eBay or whatever..

Show Notes by Glenn; THANKS Glenn!

Gift cards, starting in January 2008 may not expire and may not have fees applied to them when purchased from a retailer

Pre-paid credit card: Lisener called in to say: a $25.00 one had a $4 'premuim' which appied for values up to $200.00. These cards are useful if you do not trust using your regular credit card online or for family members to go to college etc.

Re: gift giving, foundation and others non-profits gift agricultural resources.

Kiva foundation at micro loan contribution for charitable purposes. 

Iphone clones from Taiwan & China  and  many more.. these do not pretend to be iPhones(Lawsuits!) they just look & operate somewhat liek them.


Moving old outlook files from an old hard drive to a new installation on a new computer, hunt for file name OUTLOOK.PST (do a search for it). First in a folder, enable “show hidden files and folders”.

Open the new outlook, then close it. Now move the old outlook.pst into the new position on the new computer.

DSL & wireless phones Verizon updates each month *228 then select option 2

 Nintendo DS can play educational games

 Mac quicktime to view u-tube pictures, since last upgrade of quicktime it won’t work, but flash player does work


ASUS Mini Laptop Review

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Heya Folks,

They are out of stock but Buy.Com is taking orders!!!

I LOVE my new little EeePC from ASUS …. the only problem so far is the tiny keyboard which takes some getting used to … though I have typed this entire sentence without any problems !

I WILL NOT install Windows XP as the included Xandros version if Linux is working quite well. Not to hard to get used to since it is a nice graphical interface.

The wireless has worked well at KVMR and here at Club Sierra.

There are 3 USB ports and I am using an external mouse as any touchpad is a challenge for me.

The built in 4 gig of storage is really only 1.3 gig once you figure in the Linux operating system but if you're not going to use this to download and store stuff, that shouldn't be a problem plus there is an SD/MMC slot that I have a 4 gig SD card in.

After calling ASUS to find out that the unit can handle up to 1 gig of RAM, and that opening it won't void the warranty, I removed the shipped 512 mb stick and put in a 1 gig stick without any difficulty.

I have tried to install the Opera Web Browser and still am not successful but the included Firefox and Thunderbird work well. I even found a calculator with a little searching 😉

I would STRONGLY recommend this unit to anyone wanting a sub 2 pound "PC" that will be very easy to travel with.

If you have any questions just let me know.

Listed below is a link to Costco's Samsung 7" PC for $999 but it doesn't have a keyboard, it is all screen! Though is does have a 60 gig hard drive.

Good Luck Folks!


Dec 03 2007

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Thank you Paul for providing the podcast (mp3) of the Dec 3 show:

Subjects mentioned on the show and the number of minutes (decimal) from the beginning of the mp3.

1 min
Some details about the Pharos GPS unit model pdr150

6.25 min
ASUS Eeepc mini-laptop with solid state hard drive; running Linux
see Glenn's review:

10 min
A similar unit is the Palm Foleo;
product discussion:
but it's discontinued:

12.33 min
USB floppy drive can be found at:

16,5 min
Tips for improving a wireless signal,

20 min
Suggestion to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer 7:

22.66 min
Pluses & minus; pc vs mac laptops
Real estate people & accountants — take a listen to the podcast at about 24.9 min
Sorry, I couldn't decern what Paul said, something

29.5 min
Rumor has it that DSL is available "on the ridge", but don't tell anyone, it's a secret
att.comto check for availability of DSL in your area

31.5 min
Tips for installing a bigger hard drive & bringing the OS & data over to the new one.
Running Windows & Linux on the same pc.
34.66 min
Boot Linux from CD to try it out. Install to your hard drive if you like it. or

38 min
Ghost from Norton and Partition Quest (or is it Partition Magic) to bring an image of a hard drive to another drive.
Possibly some free software to do a disk image at

42.5 min
Does it make sense to buy an Apple to run windows with Bootcamp. And more pc vs. mac banter
Open Office instead of Microsoft Office:

48.5 min
Dell laptop power supply pin broke, there may be a recall

50.5 min
What'a on next week… more Christmas gift suggestions

Nov 19 2007

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Does Symatec Suck & is it laying people off?

Happy 35th Birthday Intel CPU, the 4004, predecessor of All Things PC Chip! includes a Way Cool Simulator


Sep 24 2007

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Sep 24 Show paul will be In Transit at Vacnouver Airport, Canada,

may be able to call in! Thanks, Mikail, Adam and Glen for covering the show for which we have No Notes..

Sep 10 2007

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Today's Show

Paul means to call in from Hastings, England, (Pics) his Home Town 

Not everyhting is knoweable. Steve Fosset vanishes in his single engine plane in Nevada and during search, six other unidentified plane losses show up, one from possibly as long ago as 1964. COuld some parts of the earth so cles to home be so unknown?

UK 'We to Go' Debuts at 25 pounds a month- about $50.00 with a USB adapter to use mobile network bandwidth

The Shard- Europe's talest buidling – Going up in London, with a nod to environmental issues. Looks like World Trade Center meets Trans Am Buiding.

Aug 27 2007

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It's Great To Be A Nerd! (YouTube)

Cannot remeber too much of waht we did as it' s2 weeks after the Show as I write this 

Local Internet Providers (ISPs)

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Last updated: Jul 01 2015. Please notify us of any Changes/Unlisted things,

ISP: It’s up to you to decide which of these businesses best suit your needs- We are mentioning these businesses as they have been in operation for some time, SOME  have local staff and support in our county which is Nevada County, California. You can get ‘local’ access from businesses out of the area too.
Please notify us of any changes and additions to this list! In No Particular Order:

Local Providers (Nevada County, CA, USA)
Full Spectrum Internet Access
Spiral Internet, Nevada City
“Canopy” terrestrial wireless
Roseville/Yuba City:

Out of Town (corporate) Broad Band
ATT DSL & Uverse
Some areas are served with “AT&T Uverse” rather than conventional DSL which is technically ADSL2 capable of higher speeds and for example, Video On Demand.
The equipment is NOT interchangeable, and the sevice is NOT usually a choice- you get one or the other depending on your location!

Originally the “Cable TV” people- very high speeds attainable, costs for any speed are also high. Deals for bundling with TV & Phone, but you CAN get “Internet Only” over the Cable-
Often there are introductory 6 monthly or yearly deals, but watch your bills CLOSELY as you can be billed for a leased modem you actually bought and other sly nonsense.

Satellite Internet
Hughes Satellite Internet & WildBlue! See: approaches DSL speeds BUT has ‘latency’issues which is: the Delay due to the speed of electromagnetic radiations as you communicate with a satellite over the equator 22,000 miles away! One also requires a clear view of the sky to the south in the correct direction.
One should see such a system in operation before settling on it as this ‘delays’ can initially be off putting, though download speeds are fine and upload speeds are acceptable. Used where other high speed means are not readily available. NOTE there is usually a Contract of over a year, and no way of knowing for sure when DSL will reach your area! NOT ideal for things like FaceTime & SKYPE due to delays. Tolerable for NetFlix but watch ‘bandwidth caps’

Equipment is about $300.00 and monthly about $60.00

CELL/Mobile Access
Internet delivered over the cell phone network more nornally used for vocie and text communictions
FIOS from Verizon: See Here:

TETHER your AT&T or Verizon 3G/4G/ Phone to realy its Internet to your computer, tablet etc. NOT all Palns and Hardware can do this. Google your Gear!
The cell phone service can deliver up to 1-2 MBps in our area, using services often known by acronyms and names like “Cellular Broadband”. Typically, one does NOT use one’s cell phone, but rather a proprietary “WWAN” (Wireless Wide Area Network) that all require a proprietary card of type PCMCIA/PCCARD (OBSOLETE) or more recently, USB.
Best choice is a “MIFI” unit that picks up Cell Data & relays it via. WIFI from a rechargeable stand-alone small box.
Thistypically works most places you could get cell reception, including your home, and most places nationally, but not all! : )

In major urban areas the service may approach DSL speeds and this technology MAY be extended to areas like ours (rural!) in the future.
Cost: About $60 a month. This is know to be available from Verizon, AT&T, SPRINT and probably others.
There is little or no latency (transmission delay) which one would experience with satellite solutions.


Aug 13 2007

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Linux Expo Visit Report: We saw the "One Laptop Per Child" itself,
a small sub $100.00 unit primarily for the third world but already in use in the USA:
where you can download a sampel boot disk to see for yourself & maybe contribute.
Presenter laughingly said: "we are No Child Left Without" and: "Beyond Pencil and Paper".
This thing does mesh networking! Side note: Nicholas Negroponte , founder of the MIT Media Lab that coordianted this, is brother of John Negroponte .. Know him?

For us in the West: I like the Palm Folio mini laptop, 100% solidstate Sub $499.00. 

Apple 'Easter Eggs' (Little Secret Program Shortcuts!)

 We may be running Skype for this show; I have a Laptop!.. Woop di do, watch this space..

Ghostly Party Tricks for fun and damage at Windows XP: Delete notepad.exe. Bad Penny!
Delete outlook.exe. Another Bad Penny. They Come Back! How, and How to Defeat (Advanced!)
Reason: We want Notepad.exe to be repalced with Metapad

Thanks to Pete Grant of Auburn Area for a brainsplitter- a Mac G4 that refused to boot unless one of its video ports was disconnected..!

Thanks to ME for a PC BIOS set to Boot from External Drive that attempted to Boot from… a USB Printer! (Partial solutions: Disable DOS mode for USB)

BIOS Firmware Updates– Good or Bad idea?

Heatsink Magic Paste at nearly $10.00 a tube… We test drive. Cool! or is it?!

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