Sept 8 2008

Aug - 25 2008

THANKS to Unsung Hero Alix Fetesof  for tireless site editing and updates these last 9+ Months!

9/11: 7 years  ago In 3 days, this anniversary happens, Many consipracy theories abound, most listed here:
Material and hstories are everywhere on the Itnernet but a popular one is the 9/11 Digital Archive, Here:

AES Convention Audio Engineering Society 125th Oct 2008 Moscone Center SF. Thanks, Dennis!

How to Tech Troubleshoot; Medical Type Differential Diagnsis & Diag
Internittent Problms Solution…
STOP… THINK… ACT ->>> Ask: History? Warranty? Recall? Quick! How to Backup What's Left?
– Avoid Premature Conclusions,
Take Evidence Carefully, let evidence spaek for itself and above all, avoid catch-all diagnostics such as: 'it's a virus'

Tools to Diagnose Intermittent Problems:
Ideally and if possile separate out Hardware from Software Issues.. If a PC: It's Software. MAC? Hardware!
Record Odd Error MEssages and Use Google!
SpeedFan SMART stuff,_Analysis,_and_Reporting_Technology
Electronic Cmponent Inadequecy, Capacitors: See
Ultimate Boot CD especially MemTes86
Weigh up reliability, performance and cost issues against new equipment;
Welcome to the material world. Average Lifespan of equipment appears to be about 3.5 years as labor costs rise and materail costs drop. Who, for example, repairs DVD players anymore even if they CAN be repaired?

Stoopid Ad for What? HERE: MICROFT  compare it to the MAC ones: APPLE Hmmmm Why note BEst of Both Worlds? OS X on a conventional PC?
Apple OSX On A Thinkpad??!

Google CHROME the NEw Browser… Try It, Anyone??
AND journalistic rebuttals to misreporting here: (Profanity)
Technology CAN be like Politics– Explained On Today's Show!


Aug 25 2008

Aug - 12 2008

tFUN STUFF for Starters!
MY FAVORITE SO FAR for 2008: Bes ure to have Sound on. And latest "Flash'

Anatomy Of A Virus "AntiVirus 2008"

Transit Card Loning.. MIFARE. Boston & UK:

DNS Flaw Phish Nerdy expmnation HERE
NS is explianed HERE and soem background here

IMAP Stufff… Cooling Stuff… AXIA Blurb.. Restore Stuff on HPs

Seeling Vulnerabilites: Is this Mafia style protectionism – Or what?

 Google's Mobile Operating System: ANDROID First Leaked Video: