Sep 21, 2009

Sep - 07 2009

Beautiful YouTube Video "Moments" & Music turned me onto Jonsi & Alex music (available in HD)

WARNING: GRAPHIC UK PSA Video Movie about Safe Driving

 Happy 50th Birthday COBOL!

The Highest Point On Earth is Not Everest! (Thanks to the KVMR Webmaster John Button for that!)

FireFox AddOn Statistical Reporting "About-Me"

How I(Paule Castro)  Do my Homewark- Same as the more numerous Music DJs
do their Show Prepartion probably- by noting and using material between shows!

FaceBook at Last- For Better Or Worse- There I am!

 Do you Hate Anime? (japanese cartoons) Then you will LOVE this:

Fun Antivirus Ad –  thanks Paul Patterson-
PS I woudl rather the 1980's rock band thatn anyhing made by Symantec!  ; )