July 31 2006

Jul - 17 2006

We will put things up that we mean to talk about, here!Then, when the show is Over, the actual notes will go here!Links Open New Windows. Close Windo When Done   Intended Subjects: http://www.01sj.org/ 'Zero One San Jose' A Global Festival of Art on the Edge & the Thirteenth International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA2006) […]

July 17 2006

Jul - 11 2006

Click on Links to open a NEW window to look at. When you close them, you will be back here. KVMR’s experimental Studio 401 & News PODCASTS www.kvmr.org/tech [now Inactive] click on podcast.htm then drag your choice to iTunes Very early Audio Archuve test: http://Audio.kvmr.org Use Winamp to record live radio broadcasts from the internet […]

July 03 2006

Jul - 05 2006

July 03 2006 Show