Aug 28 2006

Aug - 28 2006

NOT in the Show!  New Webshots free screensaver homa page (BETA) In the SHow!  Dell & Apple batteries RECALL due to overheating, flaring up!!HindenCell!If you have a DELL laptop Apple: Paul found this neat site that shows youflight plans for all sorts of airoplanes around the USA & CAnada  HTTP://WWW.FLIGHTAWARE.COM   Iapdesk from staples: […]

Aug 15 2006 8-10PM, Tuesday: THE OTHER SIDE Special:

Aug - 14 2006

Special Show Other Side with Alan Stahler, KVMR's science correspondant and Paul Castro, Zen Tech computer show co host.KVMR being a radio station, we will travel the sound spectrum of our universe starting with tonight's special principally with earth sounds in its four principle mediums:fluid, gas, solid and plasma. That is, oceans,  atmosphere, the Earth […]

Aug 14 2006

Aug - 14 2006

ZenTech show notes August 14, 2006Our first caller told the story of the man who found no sunshine in his house. He called the neighbor about this, who said that there was however sunshine int the garden and that perhaps the house should therefore be relocated there. We are off to a super start! 5 […]

July 14 2006

Aug - 12 2006

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