Apr - 30 2024

Glenn is Abroad for this show and may call in! More Email Fraud Alerts: FASTTRAK Funny Spelling and non obvious website name will be Exploited! Same Story with AMTRAK spelling misuse! WATCH OUT for Googling things like this: Especially for Tech Support for things like HP, Dell, etc etc.. AGAIN Never call a number shown […]


Apr - 25 2024

Very Cool ONLINE Synth! https://webaudiomodules.org/demos/jariseon/yoshimi/ Warnings about Trash Book Publishing by A.I. AI Music Composition — Enjoy Or Hate At Will! SUNO  


Apr - 09 2024

Some USA Trivia! WordPress Quirks for Googling Apple Cash is now a temporary ‘Debit Card’ underwritten by the FDIC through ‘Green Dot’ avast! “Antivirus” & “Security” fined…  for selling the kind of information they were supposed to secure you from! More Privacy Class Actions– But Be Careful/..   Do NOTUse File History in Windows 10 […]