Apr - 28 2020

5th & Last Wednesday of this month, April. — A Show! Last week was Earth Day on Wednesday so our show was superseded. Glenn & Paul ‘Under Wraps At Home’ will call Buzz in the KVMR studios! BRAVE Web Browser, VPNs and DuckDuckGo.Com— and- WOW:! DNS server: (There is IP number LOWER number on […]


Apr - 08 2020

Possible Zoom Meeting: [Closed] Chrome/Windows 10 Video/MIC Permissions.. Test em: https://www.onlinemictest.com/webcam-test/ YOur equipment is unlikely to be able to do more thatn one app at a time accessing Camera, MIC. Reset Repeated Advertising for the likes of OhmConnect (Vaporwaring) Amazon Reenlistment Fraud of things like bogus 1TB Flash Drives for $19 Bad Reviews? vendor shuts […]