Nov 2, 2009

Oct - 19 2009

Today Nov 02 2009

Free Web Editor:

Windows 7? Hmmm. Comments.



Oct 19, 2009

Oct - 07 2009

Today's show was focused on the membership pledge drive. You can pledge online at $25 or more & be entered into a drawing for a Roku Soundbridge. You can see thank you gifts & pledge here: I put up a list of favorite programs & utilities here.I'll likely be adding to the list as I […]

Oct 05 2009

Oct - 01 2009

lElaborate Search Engine Spamming Scheme unravelled HERE

Various Alien Defense HeadGear Reviewed Here
We shall try to BLOCK Alien Communication during the Show also

Latest iPhone Apps — Or Is It?

Denial of Service in Clouds?!

Are MAC Owners loyal only to MAC? Apparently Not

Military to run on Alternative Fuel?

Etch a Sketh Tech Support!