NOV 30 2009

Nov - 16 2009

Luci Wilison talking about Tech Enhanced Communities / Crafty eBay Knitter/Spinner/Crocheters

MAC: a Proper Extended Desktop for Dual Displays on iMacs etc!

Luminous Snails? Whatever Next?!

 Does stuff like this make Paule, Glenn, ZenTech and KVMR in general into a FREETARD REALM? You tell US!

Nov 16, 2009

Nov - 04 2009

http://www.HospitalityHouseShelter.Org   Website seeks webmastering!

Leonid Meteor Shower Early Tuesday Morning 17 Nov 2009!  (160,000 MPH visits!)

USBVersion #3 Out..Compared to benefits of FireWire..

Firefox & Internet Explorer: Multiple Tabbed 'Home Page'

 Picasa Web- Best of the Online Galleries, IMHO.

Boken Widows!? System File Checker SFC.EXE

Chemical Sensor for iPhone, etc.. Thanks, Mikail!

Alternative to Apple App Store:

Newspaper Headlines around the USA!