May 04, 2009

Apr - 21 2009

In The Studio Today:

Coryon Redd, Internet Marketing Specialist about SMM: Social Media Marketing

This assumes you already have some kind of website for your organisation and at least some awareness of how to be found on Google: Contact Coryon At Gmail Dot Com.
Seminar sponsored in part by NCERC, their WEBSITE which shows you Coryon's class schedule.

Audio Archive is Here:
Some Links: Brenda Horton:
Google Webmaster Tools & more – Requires a (free) Google Account.

Happy 20th Birthday, World Wide Web!

Approx. 50th Anniversary of the INTEGRATED CIRCUIT

Privacy Issues…

More about the $8000 First Time Home Buyer TAx Credit for 2009


April 20 2009

Apr - 06 2009

Wow!!!  Cool Optical Illusions:We cannot talk about it, we can Just Show You!

Early Cable Radio!

Willingly Give Away Your Location with GOOGLE LATITIUDE!

More on CONFLICKER Virus/Worm

AutoDrive/AutoRu, Risks and Precentions

iPhone CLone from China off eBay for $100.00 …

 Actively Boost Cell Signals with WI-EX

Booster Stickers for Cell Phones– No they do not work

Passive Antennae DO work- Mostly.

Apr 06, 2009

Apr - 05 2009

Native SKYPE for iPhone now here! Or, Dowmload it throough App Store. Seems to Work! Notes about jailbroken iPhones.

Paul Back from Cost Rica!! Blog: Click Here : (Be sure to click on the MARCH entry after looking at the SlideShow.

Google Apps For Domains allows you to use GMAIL in YOUR domain for Email etc, not just Free for up to 50 MailBoxe: Requires that you have FULL control & Ownership of your domai name, Of Course, and may involve fairly arcane tinkering with so called DNS MX Entries.