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Welcome to Zen Tech
Radio Show website, and Klaatu barada nikto !
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2nd, 4th & 5th Wednesdays per month,
1-2PM Pacific Time, USA

PodCast and past show Audio Archives…
More recent shows here .
Some really old shows here
Listen to KVMR live over the Internet anytime by clicking HERE
Reach us at zen – at – kvmr – dot – org; Yep, that’s an EMail address!

This is the website for the technology/artefact usage:Tech and communication/ingenuity/innovation: Zen radio show on KVMR-FM Community Radio from Nevada County, California, USA

Your regular hosts are Glenn Farr and Paule Castro with guests and occasional guest hosts.
We  are yours for the calling, studio line: (530) 265 9555. Your comments are always welcomed.
We especially encourage local not for profit and business people with a humanoid tech slant to the airwaves Surprisingly, KVMR-FM is NOT responsible for opinions expressed here, and the show hosts are NOT responsible for what you do with our suggestions or that of any other contributors.

Great PC computer CLASSES at Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley by Gold Country Computer Learning Center (GCCLC) from beginner level all the way up at reasonable rates: NO COMPUTER NEEDED!
They teach on their own newer PCs, especially for over 50’s though anyone may attend. PLEASE check the website, where you can register, and call (530) 273-3029, especially if you know someone who does not even know how to start using computers- Give them the number!

We can check your plugins and stuff

Stay– Look around. In its final form we hope that if you do not find what you are looking for,
you can simply contribute it from elsewhere for others to enjoy.

Glenn & Paul

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About the Show

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Zen Tech is a call in radio show every OTHER Monday from 1-2PM Pacific (Western USA) Time, The studio line is USA +1 (530) 265 9555. We occasionally also use Skype, Voice over IP, live Email. messenger, telepathy and notes handed to us on the air.

Glenn and Paul are over a quarter of a ton and over  a hundred years of existence at your fingertips to solve tech problems.
We keep technical issues your slave and not your master.
We talk about all things tech, from those as basic as how to make better fire from rubbing improved sticks  together, through advanced Linux servers, command line applications for MAC OS X, and PDA cell phones-
If that's what our listeners want to talk about.

Sometimes, Paul has 'homework' which are snippets of information from a variety of sources.

Glenn recounts quirks and his inevitably highly practical solutions to them, and always finds the real deals and free treats the Internet has to offer – he also makes sure that Paul at least tries to answer the question asked and not what he thought or wished the patient callers had asked.


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Glenn & Paul

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At least one host here

At least one host here

Glenn Far & Paule Castro have hosted the Zen Tech Radio Hour on Community Radio KVMR-FM 89.5 out of Nevada City, California, since about 2000.

Paule is president of the Art of Logic, a consulting company in business since 1986 specialising in internet engineering of integrated systems primarilty relying on Internet technology and opensource solutions.
Right now he is on a stint of developing clever Content Management Systems and audio archiveing on Linux machines at KVMR. May or may not be visible here! http://www.artoflogic.com

Glenn also hosts the Flea Market, a radio show where callers can buy, sell, swap, trade or just plain give away just about anything every Thursday from 1-2 PM.

Each weighs over two hundred pounds so together you have nearly a quarter of a ton and over a hundred years of expertise at you fingertips- Fortnightly.

Listen to the Show to know what a Fortnight is and why Bill Gates has the right to a song that can
‘Make a Grown Man Cry’ 

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