May - 28 2024

Hello! We have been asked about the ATT ‘Service ot Last Resort”  Designated for Better or Worse by the FCC/PUC? Alternatives? (Provisional List) Now then PSPS & how Long do Batteries Last?!  (Public Safety Power Shutoffs- Scheduled and Otherwise!) Apparently it’s a legislated 72 hrs BUT YOU need a Battery Backup BUT this will NOT […]


May - 08 2024

Aurora Perspectives– Of Course: Caused many Woes? Cell Companies Fined for sharing data and also Same Companies Fined for Lying Nearly 30 years ago MS DOS 4 was Released and now it’s open Source! Dave’s Garage reviews it– He Wrote Some Of It! ‘Upgrade’  Amazon Fire to Full Android.. The name “Kindle” is Gone. It’s […]