July 30 2007

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July 30th Show! third this month

Talking RSS Feed as for the well-known SlashDot site. Now your latest News is read to you..

KVMR's $500.00 Sound CArd barphed on being expected to play that thing Live! haha!

Glenn surveys secure disk wiping tools

FireFox Zero Day Vulnerability

 Review of some high end solid state recorders; Well, digital video recorders for that mater too- No more darned tapes and disks at last after 20 years of promises!

Web Privacy? Make Me Not Laugh! http://www.cookiecentral.com/

Plethora of Greeting Card Spam? We Explain! Scads of 'You Have Just Won' and 'I am alone tonight' type Emails? we elaborate on the Consolidation of the Spammeisters..! See: http://www.spamhaus.org very much liek the Rogues Gallery at http://www.thesmokinggun.com/

Glenn spotted a number of Quirks about AT&T Mobile Service billing where now they may charge you to call your own voicemail: Also, price of text messages may have risen from 10c to 15c. Also- Do check whether your original plan's 'free minutes' are when you think they are! Is is after 7 or after 9 pm?

July 16 2007

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XBOX Hell- Lots of Returns cost Microsoft $1b+.

iPhone: will we have one to show on a Webcam & play with? we Surely Hope So! Or, you can always stick it in a blender. http://www.willitblend.com/

I got my little hands on the competing latest Blackberry Curve.. http://www.blackberrycurve.com/
No good for pudgey fingers or middle aged eyes this one.. $1 reading glasses for thsi $600 unit- Okay!

Try Open DNS- some other DNS server! http://www.opendns.com/
Read on their site for why. And it's Free 

Animated demo of SpamArrest, a spam prevention system. Explains things real well! http://corp.spamarrest.com/howitworks2/

How do free software makers like Mozilla Project that makes FireFox and ThunderBird make their money if they are not up to mischief? We Discuss. The answers may surprise you!





July 02 2007

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 Good Old Wikipedia and its in depth treatment of Independence Day now only 2 days away!:

First, lets recall that many modern countries have an Independence Day they too are proud of : )

Let us recall that Independence for the US was largely the result of an intransigent country ruled by a mad king called George who thought that taxing a people excessively without truly representing their interests was not so much a Good Idea as the result of imperialist arrogance and yes, Lunacy.

More Trivia: the so called United Kingdom itself was only 60 years old when this happened.
Its long contentions with peoples north of its borders and on the Continent of Europe had waned, leaving excess power and resources to squander in its new colonies. Basically, Britain squandered the dividends of its new found peace. Any parallels there? : )
PS:How many soldiers did Britain send? And does Britain have a fourth of July?

Answers on the show! 

 iPhone! Any Good?! Have the Lawsuits begun yet? http://www.apple.com/iphone/

Ladies who go to Curves: What are you helping to endorse? Read More here

Using latest WINAMP from http://www.winamp.com like iTunes if you have no iPod!

Microsoft's new Surface Computing: A Spoof at You Tube . We Play On Air!…

Internet Weather Report (Traffic too!) and strange slowdown in the last week of June 2007 visible http://www.internettrafficreport.com/ 

" A man who can smile when things go wrong has thought of someone he can blame it on"
— Nixon's Theorem

the "Fruit Salad Explosion" Interface for Program Design! Visualize that. Now try to use it!




June 18 2007

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 Intro: Tim O'Brien's Out of Memory! Thanks, Eric Rice!

How to make Motorcycles: The Triumph Rocket III from the UK!
http://youtube.com/watch?v=HKEuzxC4eGc  Thanks, Chamba Lane!

June 04 2007

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Next Show:

Glenn is not physically present for this show BUT just like Charlie's Angels – Remember them? (cough cough) he Left an Important Recording. Oh! Was that Mission Improbable from- Eeek! TV?! A little study on what happens when we try to get a warranty issue taken care of..!

* What is a 'vulnerability' worth?  If YOU found the key to a safe- Would you sell it to someone else?

Version numbering schemes, and what they mean, Example: Mozilla Project is now at Firefox Browser ver ad ThunderBird What do the number really mean? How can you figure what they are? Very important in Microsoft products!

The SVCHOST.EXE 100% Slowdown bug we described last program has been fixed- Sort Of.
In Windows, hit the [Ctrl] [Alt] [Del] keys all at the same time. Click [Processes] on the resulting windows. Look through the list of things running there. For ADVANCED users only: There is a replacement for thsi simple task manager taht has a lot mre information get it free here from SYSINTERNALS

First: WHAT IT IS (nope, not usually a Virus- Do NOT kill it) and WHAT TO DO if its usage is higher than any other process.
NEXT how to sometimes Fix the Problem

MAC Bit! (Hi Motorcycle Mike) Apple has had an unusual number of Patches recently, mostly to its iTunes product both on PC & MAC. And then some more patches for its operating system, Is it always Okay to 'fix' things that seem to have been workign OK so far?.. Thsi shoudl start a Row! I Say: More Often Yes Than No– With Due Diligence Of Course!

they bunch their fixes up and send em out the 2nd Tuesday of every month is: June 11 2007 


Frantic Sematics: No I do not mean 'Symatec'
many computer words are very ambiguous, such as the words: 'Firewall' and 'Secure' and how about 'Artifical Intelligence' and 'Smart Software' .. Haha! I rant a little here before my meds kick in..

Satellite navigators. Been around over 10 years, and only now becoming truly useful!


Fedora 7 released May 31 2007: Fedora is a type of Linux related to another called RedHat Linux. Try using P2P (peer to peer) to legally download it RIGHT HERE! 

21 May 2007

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Sorry! We did not get to write a lot that time!…


07 May 2007

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Glenn was away this show so Paul rambled on uncontrolled at length about various topics!

Our current favorite: UBUNTU Linux , (Version 7.04 Just Out– It's Great!)
site will mail you for low or no cost, a complete bootable 'live' CD that requires no installation at all! The ideals of UBUNTO are most in line with those of KVMR being freely available to anyone and always welcoming membership & contributions, while relying a lot on volunteer skills, oh and not incidentally, producing material of a very high caliber of professionalism to compete with others costing far more!

Swap Space Privacy Issues:
What Is Swap Space (Page Files)

Office 2007: Do your freinds with older versions of Office a favor and DO NOT send documents saved as 'word 2007' for example. Try to "Save As" and OLDER version. Otherwise- They will need to download somethign from Microsoft that in my case, BROKE my Office 2003

Once it's lost out there- Can you get it back? http://www.reputationdefender.com
We will talk a little about Internet Privacy. 


Simple WEP break-in: massive data loss worth billions… 

What? cheap laptop Computers Not a Panacea in Schools?! http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/04/education/04laptop.html?_r=2&pagewanted=all&oref=slogin

Jesus (or is it Gandalf's?) likeness appears at microscopic scale in Flash memory!


23 April 2007

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You DID file for an Tax Extension, April 17th, No? But, Turbo Tax online user filings bust the server and got a couple more days AND a partial refund of filing fee. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/04/21/intuit_turbotax_refund/
And some people's private details were lost in Oregon:

Today's Show: Hosts: Paul Castro in studio, Glenn Farr Far Far Away in Chicago, Il.  doing Remote Control of our Telephone patch and getting the phone patch VIP line running
In studio Guests Matt Jenkins & Adam Brodell of SmarterBroadBand:
Adam talked about new transmitter  coverage from Banner Mountain & Bitney Springs and lower New Town rd area; Also service in YOu BEt and Peardale area. Visit the above website for more info about whether you are in range or int he right place!

Various Call In Items: 

Save google videos Click Here . Supposedly allows the saving of links used

Matt's Favorite Speed Test Site: http://www.Speedtest.net

Also: Http://Www.Dslreports.com then click [test]

Laptop keyboard had coffee spilled … put it in a cool dry play with no power or battery for a day or two!

09 April 2007

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TAX FILING! You can get about $30.00 back for telephone tax revisions , and you can file an Extension To Pay http://www.irs.gov/formspubs/article/0,,id=98155,00.html  Hey we are not Tax or Money people thank goodness. Consult yourself or your money people for these ones, not us.

nCity Mac Shack- an East Main street Macintosh business opposite Meek's Lumber. 
http://www.ncitymacs.com/ we hope to talk with Motorcycle Michael on air about the issues and features of his chosen specialty

 retrospect for backup on a Mac Trial Here

Superduper! Full Disk Backup http://www.shirt-pocket.com/SuperDuper 

MAC full disk backup- Be sure your external drive is formatted 'mac native' in Disk Tools then you can Reboot from this backup drive! 

video problems with an iMac .. check with apple.com to see if this problem is covered by a recall 

drivesavers.com in the bay area

adrdatarecovery.com in folsom 

casio keyboard input directly into a pc with scoring software try to get a usb to midi adapter



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