Mar 12, 2014

Feb - 26 2014

Happy Birthday, WWW!

Molly Fisk a chicken and Jeffrey Hein in studio!

More about my Apple Product warranty  from its serial number:
(May not cover Recalls)

Douglas Adam's "Dupin" iTunes library manager, Duplicate/Orphan control $15. Not of Hitchiker's Guide.
Also Duplicate Annihaltor for Apple Photo Software like iPhoto. $8!

 Nearly five hundrd 'fix it' iTunes & other scripts from Doug Adam's site, HERE


Feb 26, 2014

Feb - 15 2014

Notifications of new show notes and edits are tweeted at: – They're tagged with #Zentech. – When what's said is unclear to me (or I'm unfamiliar with a topic) I tend to quote (" ") verbatim. – Editor's comments are delimited by < >   For those who missed my tweet, the notes for […]