Oct 23 2006

Sep - 30 2006

Discarded Cellphones Hold Secrets?! Stolen Desktop Recovery- Does this help? Probably NOT. It would at least falseley reassure people about being able to lose a laptop. 

Sep 25 2006

Sep - 21 2006

But Paul Probably Calls In from Stinson Beach, Marin KVMR's Audio Archive at dev.kvmr.org pocket-tunes.com -Palm Tunes! interview with Pam Gorman of NCTV  http://www.nevadacountytv.org/ Tel: 478 6400   http://winrecovery.com/ barbara found a way to recover lost digital photos! Cost her $40.00 to do but it WORKED she said!!! Another caller suggested a free recovery utility from […]


Sep - 21 2006

Show notes May-08-2006   We usually use the Intro music from Brian Eno ‘Fractal Zoom’ track #1 But today We used the new Intro music from Alan Parson;s 2004 album “A Valid Path” called “L’Arc en Ciel’ (The Rainbow) because of its intense electronic beat and ambient atmosphere, albiet hyperreal rain. More Here: http://www.theavenueonline.info/site1/discog/valid.htm Paul […]

Sep 11 2006

Sep - 03 2006

Listen Live:http://www.kvmr.org What We Might Talk About: 9/11 of course, and without diverging into t he political realm too much, how technology can both help and hinder atrocities on all sides. In many ways technology is a modern-day religion with too often an unreasoning blind faith in its abilities to cure all ills. We are […]