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Your regular hosts since 1999  are Glenn Farr and Paule Castro 

Stay– Look around. In its final form we hope that if you do not find what you are looking for,
you can simply contribute it from elsewhere for others to enjoy.

Glenn & Paul

2 thoughts on “Welcome HOME!

  1. MJasper says:

    I went somewhere on this zentech website and came across this (It’s a white background and maybe blue print?), which did not appear in the same format as the rest of the website:
    “Start Download
    Download Videos To Your Desktop & Convert To Any Format – All Free! Go to videodownloadconverter.com”
    My main question: IS IT LEGITIMATE? If so, I’ll click on it and try to download, but a while back, when I WAS trying to find something to download videos, they said “free,” but the glitches were there, and there was a fee. In trying to find the exact website where I saw here, I found a new “ad” on “3 Fatigue-Causing Foods.” So maybe the video download website on the kvmr or zen tech website is not a recommendation by either Glenn or Paul (or you). BUT, if it is for real, if you can let me know, I’d appreciate it. Instead of recording video with my “shakey” camera, I’d much rather be able to just download them (like when we could “save” youtube videos to our computers). Thanks,

    1. Many of these are bogus, including that one. I have used VideoDownloadHelper for a long time– works great.

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