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5th Thursday ZenTech!
Today’s Word:! Photoplethysmogram
“Down the Rabbit Hole” of Useful Functions in Science

Security Certificates quit… TODAY!

Software Review of PROCREATE for iPhone & iPad  & the fact it uses the .ART Top Level Domain!
Artistic software for the IOS!

So::! IOS 15!
Erratum: Last show I said latest IOS was “13”. I was thinking of the iPhone- I meant “IOS 15”
So! iPhone 13 Can Be Used For Opthalmology!
Also- the Apple Watch can be used in cardiology Tellingly,
the device does report: “Apple never checks for heart attacks”

Mea Culpa: Cathy called from Auburn saying she used FireFox on an MAC and “DuckDuckGO” anonymizing search-engine
Forgot to mention- you can choose DuckDuckGO the so called Anonymizing Website with ANY browser, not just Firefox.
This is from CNET How to switch home page  from other programs like Chrome, Safari, Etc>


Sep-23-2021 Noon

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“Military Address Space: 6% of all at 150million–
An Odd Story

Talking about the end of 2G & 3G service in 2022: ATT announced a deadline; Other companies likely to follow.

Confused about your MAC getting oil the WRONG network?

Inexpensive ‘real’ Computer: The Raspberry PI 400

Airtag– and Losing Stuff:

Avoiding Copyright Dings & why some images and movies are mirrored?! Also- “Music” in your Video..?


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This was the first In Studio Zen Tech in 18 months due to Covid Restrictions! All others have been call-ins over Phone or Zoom- MANY thanks to KVMR in house Staff:
Buzz (Dave Barnett) station engineer and Shaun Miller,
and Claudio Mendonca for engineering our shows who prevailed through this whole Pandemic Thing

New Schedule:
4th and any 5th Thursday of the month
New Time: Noon- 1 pm
To be followed by the Flea Market.

We also mean to add short pre recorded Segments that can go out during other shows. Email us your Questions and I shall try to make a short ‘explainer’ segment



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After 10+ years of Wednesdays, Zen Tech is moving to
Noon, 4th and any 5th Thursday of the month!
Next show we mean to be in-studio on Aug 26 for the New Schedule!
Thanks to Rick Sharkey for this:

What good are IOS upgrades? IOS 15 removes
the “Green Dot…” : )
But also its powerful image-processing can recognize hashed porn of ‘certain types’ — and the unintended consequences can be….

Local Governments are looking to allow drone usage for code enforcement….
Check the 4th amendment about ‘unreasonable searches’.. : )
So! you think Cryptocurrency is Secure?
Learned a New Term today: DeFi: Decentralized Finance.
What Google Considers Deceptive in Web Pages


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Today’s show is hosted in part and engineered by Claudio Mendonca:
Glenn is On the Road and cannot call in,
Buzz-the-engineer is busy out and about being The Engineer |
who had been pressed into service as studio host during our Pandemic.. Many Thanks Buzz AKA Dave Barnet

Jeffrey Hein will call in about general Internet Availability in the county and options for non prof and low income
a particularly well researched and comprehensive page, especially about Lifeline,
low cost telephone, cell service, and now Internet:

TBA: there is a Schedule Change next month



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5th Wed: 30 June Show was replaced with a 2 hr Music Special

Jul-14-2021! Hello!
Hiking? Try “Peak Finder” and some similar Apps. to identify those mountains– and hills!




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Full hr recording w/Intro:

John McAfee, 75, Antivirus Luminary  Found Dead in Spanish prison..

Windows 11 to be released Next Week. Yawn!
Windows 10 Support ends…2025. So much for “This is the Last Version”

What’s with all the ads on web pages for “Work For FEMA!”
See: UsaJobs.Gov
What’s the Scam given ALL federal jobs have to go Via. that Site??

So ! More Info on those bloody Car Warranty Calls..
They ARE ‘Real’ in some ways- they ARE selling “Something”
Such as:  a $1 tootsie roll, for $1500.00
(Else it would be wire fraud) instead its just a massive and misrepresented ripoff
PS: Violating is a separate fraud.

What’s a Split/Ductless Air Conditioner..? I put one in! how Cool!

A Little About Humidity, Temperature, Comfort, Wind Chill

Windows has decided you MUST have a Weather Widget.
To Disable– apparently- RIGHT click on it,
“News and Interests”, Hide.
I have turned off Location Awareness everywhere I can in Windows yet this Widget
knows my geographic location, probably even when hidden.
Hard to Uninstall

Vaccine QR Code and how that works. Don’t call it a Passport; Call is a Visa : )
How it’s Easy to make QR codes but hard to fake their use for this purpose
.. Because it points into a .gov Site. I Think.


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How Do They Do That?!
Same power limits, 100mW (1/10w) or about the power of a very small led light .. but some WIFI units can Go Further Than Others!
great article here

New 6GHZ spectrum for WIFI

A little Info on “Ionising Radiation”

Great video on “Learned Helplessness”– Thanks to Ralph Muller’s YouTube channel “Veritasium” (an element of Truth) addressing schools, abuse and religion.. watch out.

IOS 15 on iPhone may accommodate FaceTime Calls from Android!

ANOM secure comm Plant busted criminals.

PayPal.Com  & Others Broker Cryptocurrencies.


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Apple OS 14.5 Privacy Issues..

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