Mar 22, 2010

Feb - 22 2010

Klaatu barada nikto!


Mar 08 was International Women's Day which KVMR covered with interviews. Zen Tech Pre Empted.

Battery Charger contains a Virus?!

Too Much Gear- Try connecting some things dirtectly to each other such as a DVD/BlueRay Player containing NetFlix Internet Interface DIRECTLY to your PC monitor

THUNDERBIRD free Email Program now at version 3.0.3 From Here reviewed & critiqued.

We review how to Update your Mozilla items FireFox & ThunderBird.
Easteregg: In FireFox ver 3, type thsi in the address bar: about:robots

Emailer asks about openSource in General and photo management software in particular
See HEre:
Open Source has a specific Meaning: Perhaps the word *FREE* would be BEtter!

How to Be Skeptical- interview with Michael Shermer – even about Being Skeptical- Recursion Or What.
Favorite quote: "They laughed at the Wright Brothers- but they also laughed at the Marx brothers"

Glen asked about PUDDING!



Feb 22, 2010

Feb - 08 2010

Apple Secuirty at manufacturing plants:

Nevada County BroadBand Local Initiative..

Generic inexpensive XP, Vista & MAC WebCams : Follow the UVC standard