Jun 8, 2011

May - 25 2011

Please check back around the time of the broadcast (See Clock at left!!) How to dreamup a PROPER password How are these fast moving infections getting onto your PC with Scareware Antivirus? SoundCloud. Share and SEE sounds 100+ year od Lightbulb!! Everyone is Going Cloud as Discreet Data & Apps VAnish Fancy selling your digital […]

May 25, 2011

May - 11 2011

TAlking today about FB Groups  in FB, simply "search" for the word "Groups" and use the "GRoups.App" to see what Grops you are in & to create one and Test It Out. See 2 new FB Groups: SierraMakers and ZenTech  Arduino– Inexpensive micro controller Additional notes Notifications of new show notes and edits are tweeted […]