Aug 14, 2013

Jul - 24 2013

Online business scheduling

TAlking about Laptop Choices today, especially with & without Built In graphics
Also a little on TAblets

Jul 24, 2013

Jul - 10 2013

What is "Like Farming" on FAceBook? More HEre . a million likes are worth about $7000.00 for potential Ad revenue. the fan base then gets 'sold' at a place like

What's ROT13 & does anyone need it anymore?! More
and how-to HERE

you can anoymise info. & de link pages this way!
Vs lbh unir svtherq vg bhg, gur zntvp jbeq vf: UVCCBCBGNZHF

Penny Auctions. Scam? Ripoof or legit?
MOre HEre . Basically the FTC decries them and:
"These sites bill themselves as "entertainment shopping" that's like calling the craps table
"entertainment banking."
Penny Auctions are thinly veiled gambling and the odds are NOT in your favor."

THANKS to Don who called after the Show remuinding us that you can find out exactly ehich Dell & memory you have at and fill in the "Service Tag" number on each Dell which will report its original configuration- And memory type!