Mar - 12 2007

the Apple TV of course! http://www.apple.com/appletv/
Or how about the new "Apple iRack?"

DLINK Routers should be configured with Internet Explorer!

 Mark Cuniberti's Money Matters Audio Archive

 Did you Do your Daylight Savings Updates? it is Not Over…!

Multi talented KVMR DJ Jerriane Van Dijk has a new (art) website http://www.jerianne.net/

Great  Drumming Comedy Routine : Thanks Mikail!

Even More Apple Udates to both OS & iTunes.. Just Do It…

Stuff we talked about ion the show: (Thanks Gelnn for transcription)

 allows you to 'open' those single very large (650mb) files ending in ".iso" that are the result of taking a digital snapshot of a CDROM or DVD Disk. Also: the archiver WinRar will let you open these and many other types of file! http://www.rarlab.com/

MAC People can simply mount and open these ISO images by double clicking them. 
But to make a CDROM out of them, you most liekly need the program: Toast" now at version 8.


Caller had questions abotu all sortd of things to do with tinkering with DVD images, etc<
http://www.mrbass.org and http://www.doom9.org for great info! 


 FINALLY! So you are using FireFox Browser or ThunderBird Email? Good for you! Now Extend It!


What’s My Mac Doing Spinning Its Wheels?

Mar - 12 2007

Douglas Hooper wrote:> Hi Paul> > Why do my friends and I see that spinning piece of candy on our Macs > when it seems like there's nothing that it should be processing?> It's frustrating to sit and wait for our super-capable Macs when there's > seemingly no reason to be waiting.> What's the computer […]


Mar - 01 2007

Well? Does your clock say noon or 1PM as we go on the air?Did things change okay to Spring Forward in Time for you on March 11th?It's not over today yet. The last Sunday in March, the more usual date,your equipment may yet and Incorrectly spring forward due to old settings..Java, Windows, Linux, Mac and […]