About the Show

Zen Tech is a call in radio show the 2nd 4th & sometime 5th Tuesday evening
from 6-7 PM California, USA Pacific Time Zone
We also produce occasional ‘spots’ elsewhere for the KVMR schedule
Occasionally the show will get preempted or switched:
We try to let you know on this site here!

The studio line is USA +1 (530) 265 9555.
We occasionally also use Skype, Voice over IP, live Email. messenger, anything new in the pipeline and
telepathy, even  notes handed to us on the air, and occasionally, walk-ins
(Please ask at the Front Desk first though!)

Glenn Far and Paule Castro  are over a quarter of a ton total weight and over  a hundred years of existence at your fingertips to solve tech problems;
We keep technical issues your slave and not your master.
We talk about all things tech, not just computers,
from those ideas as basic as how to make better fire from rubbing improved sticks  together, through advanced Linux servers, command line applications for MAC OS X, and PDA cell phones-
Or digital watches and electronic bikes
If that’s what our listeners want to talk about. And we can be low-tech and simple when needed.

Sometimes, Paule has ‘homework’ which are snippets of information from a variety of sources.

Glenn recounts quirks and his inevitably highly practical solutions to them, and always finds the real deals and free treats the Internet has to offer – he also makes sure that Paule at least tries to answer the question asked and not what he thought or wished the patient callers had asked.


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