Jan 12 2009

Dec - 29 2008

Happy New Year!!
First Show of 09!

Dec 29 2008

Dec - 16 2008

Glenn is on the way to the Airport during this show
and will call in! We Hope.


Favorites of 2008! JKDEFRAG Defragmenter
TimeMachine of Apple's Leopard/OS 10.5 (By the Way- Avoid 10.5.6 Update for Now..)
BELARC PC Inventory Program
SPEEDFAN Hard Disk SMART Troubleshooter
CCLEANER- Venerable Cleaner of Crap off PCs!
Spybot AntiMal/Spyware Software (Home Page)
AVG Free Anti Virus
Thunderbird and Firefox from http://www.mozilla.com
Best Hacker Entertained Software: UBUNTU Linux

Best Gadget: iPhone! Without a Doubt!
Closely Followed by the Intel iMac.
Most Interesting Evolution: Cloud (Virtual) Computing VWZ
WORST. Vista, All the Way. Can anyone say anythign good about it..?
Worst Descendants: Symantec Products like Internet Security, 360, etc.. UGH

Neat Websites: http://www.daxo.de, http://www.drop.io

Projections for '09!
Digital TV Mandate: http://www.dtv.gov
Switch Over Date is that of Claire of Assisi, the Patron Saint of Television and more
THANKS Alan Stahler for that one!

the AT&T / iPhone Thing, the cell IMEI serial number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) issue & Privacy

and Some on iTouch.

More as the Spirit of the Electron and Zen moves us!!!..


THANKS to Alex for Site Transcriptions suring 2008! So much apprecdiated!


Paul n Glann


Dec 15, 2008

Dec - 01 2008

2008 Nearly Done! Out FAvorites So Far:

Internet Stuff: Glen
http://www.drop.io to send up to 100MB by webling to anyone!
Demo Drop for the SHOW:

Free Business Directory to replcae 411:
free "411" and a LOT more. Dial 1 800 GOOG 411 to see! (currently busienss 411 only)

Linux for iPhone- Not Really a Phone Anymore- Morel like a Uviversal Console..
From Mikail:
he iPhone Hotel

Obama 2.0 – the iPhone years

The Pomegranate phone
Now wouldn’t one of these just be a hoot to have for real? Oh yeah…

Is the iPhone really just a games console that makes calls?