Security Response

!! “AI” is only going to make convincing conning and cleverness more prevalent. Act now.
* NEVER call or contact any number that shows up in a web page even after a Search,
* NEVER call or contact any name number or Email that shows up in an Email
It may APPEAR to be legit- From Amazon, BofA etc. Use the contacts you personally know to reach back, not the one they give you
* Files should NO LONGER be attached to Emails unless they are visible Inline. Click Nothing
* Other Files should be shared over Google Drive, DropBox etc. or, Hey hand over a thumb drive
* HANG UP on unscheduled calls. Ignore Caller ID even if it says IRS or FBI
* NEVER use any purchasable/irrevocable  payment method like GreenDot, SmartPay,
WesternUnions etc. NEVER
* NEVER send or hand over cash to someone you don’t actually “know”
* DO Show Share and Tell friends and family about even innocuous communications,
ESPECIALLY when told NOT to do so. There will be Great Reasons: But, Scammers Lie. (duh!)
* Box pops up with Dire Warning to Call Microsoft NOW or “You Have a Virus”?
Can’t seem to close window?
PUSH THE POWER BUTTON. Start Up Again, Gone? Good. No? Power Down. Call IT, friends, family.
* Do NOTHING on your machine a stranger has told you to do. Hang up Now.
* IGNORE glib rebuttals and fine stories. Your family member calling you in an emergency?
collect Details and CALL BACK people you know personally &
trust about it. Oh & NEVER Give out your name
* Stick to Apps on your Smartphone for Banking, not web pages
* ONLY use Chrome and Safari. Maybe even Edge.
Nothing else is updated frequently enough to avoid those “YOu Have A Virus” windows which scammers exploit to pop up pages that do not LOOK like web pages and which cannot be closed
* Remove your own name and voice from Voicemail
If you don’t, random Spam callers can learn your voice and name. Use AI to generate the greeting or resort to ┬áthe default generic greeting
* Randomize and Lie on sites that seem to require it- I switch genres, home town, birthdays, gender- everything really. Just as with Freedom of Speech there is no law against lying- Cammers OR you.
* Use throwaway Email address. Use a real name in it– just NOT yours. I use anagrams
* I keep a free Google Voice / TXT Number for Verification etc, NOT my main number