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Preceeded by Eclectic Music Special!

Butyl Rubber Experiments & some thought on “Home” versus “Pro” grade things
EGB: Square-D Homelite

HTML5 Ability to play different media things– Safari .v. Chrome, etc.

Safari Mail Embedded Media

Chromium Bugs

Good judgment comes from experience. And Experience comes from poor judgements.
Have more successes by making more mistakes! : (
IE using Pro grade things!

DND (do Not Disturb) mode on Phones, etc.



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Astroturfing :
“the deceptive practice of presenting an orchestrated marketing or public relations campaign in the guise of unsolicited comments from members of the public”

Look Up: “Best Web Hosting” or, better: “Largest USA Site Hosting”
Long Contracts? Proprietary Stuff? I don’t think so!

YELP.com is a blend of astroturfing and unmoderated postings.
WISH.COM creates its OWN product reviews
AMAZON can be Gamed as many do for Postive Reviews while Negating competition
What To Do? We will talk about that.
“Passing Off” (A UK term) or misrepresentation as major branded sites is another issue… : (
That is so long as you are not a “Moron In A Hurry” like me– an “MIH” I got caught by XFinity on Friday!
You are expected to be a Person with Normal Skill in the Art AKA “PHOSITA” and may not, for example, reasonably be expected to recognize deep fakery for what it is
Power Supplies Messing Up Hardware? Shotgun Troubleshooting– Replace!
With Reference to Maralyn- Overrating Current is OK but not Voltage.
Stability and ‘smoothness’ of power are what’s needed.
For the Heck of it: here is a Tone Generator Online

ZOOM Audio Quality settings! Apple Silicon version and what your Emulated Application looks like Outside.

_ ______________________
“Replace Epson Maintenance Box” Error Message
Mac Keychain Theft and an Secure Enclave with TouchID on newer MACs



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Live Show! : _)
SF Dictionary:
Cody Stark Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/tvcody

NEW version of Audacity– 3 up from 2. Can read OLD projects but OLD cannot read NEW projects as they are all in ONE file
Thanks, Buzz! https://www.audacityteam.org/

Non Fungible TOkens??

Changes in Chrome- Outline Input Fields! Looks Oddd!??!


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THANKS ‘Buzz’ Barnett for Zooming this Show

Microsoft Hack– We learn 6 weeks after they did : ). Who Else?.. Marilyn: “Low versus High value targets”

HDMI= High Definition Media Interface– (Intel Intellectual Property) How to Capture and Use that (Game Streaming, Etc)
Nope, you cannot stick your HDMI camera or game output into the computer HDMI port & expect that to work : )
There’s an inexpensive USB adapter can do it, though.

A little on ThunderBolt/USB3– Yes, It’s Bi Directional and does not need ‘On the Go’ adapters
Why Pay More?? ThunderBolt Dock adapters as little as $20.00– Not $200…?

A little more on “Apple Silicon” currently at “M1” — Likely to proceed to M2, M3, M4…
These are “ARM Processors” just like in your Phone– Apple created the A series for its iPhones
A4, A5… Currently at A14. More Here
This supersedes Intel Chips and are in fact a licensed patented technology customised by numerous other vendors too.
M1 MACs: great for Audio Recording with onboard MIC as– NO noisy hard drives, NO fan. Little Heat even when very ‘busy’ Zooming, etc.
Put it on sponge though : )

Did I mention that so much is integrated that NO upgrades or repairs are possible?

Benford’s Law! Thank You Jerianne

!If We Have Time: Technology & Polybutylene Plumbing RIP: 1985-1995, that & aluminium house wiring

Guess What? ZenTech.Org exists- it’s an electronics recycling business in Atlanta Georgia since 1995! Hi Guys!


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More on the successful landing of the Martian Perseverance Rover-
Talking to Al Stahler, KVMR Science Correspondent
– 360 panorama shows STARS

ChromeOS is now OS #2 between Windows & MacOS
(what about IOS? Not Counting SmartPhones)

Free Online Invoices! https://www.skynova.com/

Fry’s Electronics Closing For Good : ( Thanks for headsup Mikail Graham


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Today’s Show:

MARS LANDING of the Perseverance Rover
Feb-18-2020 9:00 AM or so Pacific Time
Watch it ‘live’ https://www.youtube.com/nasa 
(and [SUBSCRIBE] + [NOTIFY] to catch other live events!)
Typically try to start the stream well before the show : )

How well established widely used Plugins can ‘go bad’
Example: LavaCode Barcode Scanner for Android: 10 million installs…

What a ‘bun fight’ and why it’s a waste of time?!

The “X-Y Problem” and why it matters when getting to the bottom of things ; )

1099’s coming in: Free Tax Filing for 2020 Via. IRS
DO NOT use any other way to reach the free tax filing sites than that initiated within IRS.GOV-
Otherwise Usual Scams and Switchbaits occur
This is even true if you approach Via. TurboTax site itself, etc. Explained.

Marilyn Email about a Power Supply & how NOT to Cook a Laptop!

“How to Ask Questions”  By Eric Raymond- a GIT like Project

Here You are looking at a WordPress BLOG not a PAGE
It was written and posted BEFORE its Publish Date.
You do not edit the ‘slug’ to do this- Look towards the RIGHT and edit its Schedule
As I write this (08 feb) it would want to use that date & time
I set it on the FUTURE and it becomes a SCHEDULE kind of like a
Press Embargo,


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Blog Reload

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There has been a Wee Bit of a Problem with the Site;

I (Paule) Broke it switching servers about June 2020 — amazingly,
4 different flavors of Backup failed to keep intact copies of all the parts needed to make it Work Right : (

We (I that is) are (am) cobbling it back together again.
Or Not. I do not give Blogging the look-in I once did.
The Show lost its trusty Blogger, “DDHart” someone neither Glen nor I had ever met that did it from Sacramento,
I think, while listening to shows.
We tried contacting him through his Twitter account and more after he went Off the Air so to speak
about a year ago to no avail. I only hope he or she is okay and that a welcome and thanks was properly afforded.
Mainly we hope that Blogger is Okay in Body and Spirit- we have no way to know.

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