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Today’s Show:

  • HRH of Saudi Arabia hacks Bezo’s phone * How to Check the Facts : ) … and not just using snopes.com, good though that is…. (consensus plays a role)
  • How to check Phone Data Overage Charges
  • New Features to turn on to disincline Ransomeware from changing your files
  • Windows 7 Upgrades may be forced by financial institutions- they are ‘aware’ of your OS & browser & may not want to deal with you : )
  • What you reveal when surfing: https://webkay.robinlinus.com/


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First show of the New year! Welcome! Have a Happy One!
New site CALENDAR to remind us all When we are On!

Front and Center: Windows 10 over Windows 7? To Be Or Not to be?! How?

Windows 7 “Support” ends mid January 2020 
Do Not Panic if Microsoft fills your whole screen with a warning that “Windows 7 will Go Away”
or similar wording. In fact, note but do not click, call, respond or otherwise Interact with ANY such warnings,
most if not all  ARE SCAMS and Microsoft is to be taken to task
for behaving the same way with a Legitimate notice by using a page full of pop up ..

Do Your Own Googling after Closing the Window!
Check the search results to see if an Apple Warning comes from Apple.Com, etc etc…

Upgrade or Install to Windows 10
* Some things that worked in 7 won’t work in 10– earlier Adobe products, for example
Worse, they might work but not correctly.
Do yiur own Research and Talk to the Company.|
Note that any Office version 2007 or nwer seems to move over fine BUT you MAY need to re enter the Products Key.
Free LIBREOFFICE does a sterling job if your MS Office suite   Word/Excel/Access etc Fail
It will natively open all Office formats.
When SAVE time comes be SURE to Save As Office XML not native .ODT otherwise your regular Office users to whom you might send such things will not be able to open the results!

Get a Listing from your machine first using FREE Belarc Advisor /Hardware software inventory

* save anything of value to an external device (Backup)
Get an 8+ GB USB drive and put the Windows 10 Installer/updater in it From Here

New California Consumer Privacy Act of 2020
New California Tel. Caller-ID Anti Spooficin law (Unrelated)

How to slow down some Junk Calls:
Find a Way (!) to get the caller to “Press .1. to Continue” which robocallers will not understand. This is possible in Google Voice & many VOIP systems. Sorry to Be So Vague : )

End. Rev: Jan-09-2020

Oct 30 2019

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PG&E pwoer BACK in Nevada City!


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Show of 28-Aug-2019
– Alexa Skills with a Harmony Remote
Inside a Motherboard Repair Facility and who works there (Louise Rossman)
How to make a Good Youtube Video. (above)
iFixit and the Right to Repair & unexpected side effects for NDA & Chipmakers, etc..
Cyberblackmail : Bitcoin & UnGoogleable:
“Because you think you are smarter ānd cān disrgard me”.. NOTE Accented Letters!
Check this Abuse Database: & The varied accenting
Chrome as a web developer tool


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Glen and Paul are On the Road Elsewhere
Here is some Entertainment for you while we are gone-

Radio Lab Podcast  from 2015 about the DarkNode Ransomware and its Bitcoin Blackmail
And then– Do we Need Technology to Climb the mountain K2?
Not a Bit of it!
the Ever Odd Joe Frank!



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Audio Archive for this show is HERE

Paule is in Virginia City, NV calling in
Glenn is in the Studio!


July 31 2019

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– I shall be trying to load Podcasts in here>

July 10 2019

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Zen Tech
GM328 multi tester under $20
Electronic Kit Building Remains!


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Hello! Some Fun THings Today.
We love decent Cell Phone Plans: Verizon Visible , and Google FI.. & how we Review some things

Amazon RING at some $200 a Bit Pricey–I tried $30-$40 XSHCam.
BangGood.Com” HMM!

Airport 7.8.1 Firmware: released a few days ago

Older PC? Windows 7? Don’t Want/Cannot Get 10? Try Linux MINT or CloudReady ChromeOS Free

Older 64 bit MAC? Try MINT for THAT (Little luck using pre 2008 or so 32 bit MACs & FORGET G5/G6, SORRY!


Jun 12, 2019

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Please check back around the time of the broadcast

What DOES the Fabulously Vast Google know about little ‘ol YOU?!
This is a followup to an older link we were contacted about.
And what can you do about it?
How about AMAZON and their RING systems?


HuaWei— what up with that? (.. Who>>??)
Small Laptop, Tiny Storage… Extra Storage

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