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Historic Microsoft GW-BASIC from 1983 i now OPENSOURCE! Wow.

SpaceX Astronauts fly to ISS first time since 2011 from US soil aboard SpaceX Dragon Capsule For news coverage from

You can also follow the launch from SpaceX here: Be sure to click “WATCH DEMO-2 LAUNCH”

Have an Amazon Fire TV or Fire Tablet? Check out their offer for 1 year free Food Network Premium. Read conditions carefully and be sure to cancel before the year is up. Amazon Prime says they will notify you 15 days prior the expiration date for the free offer.



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Homework will be listed here along with any show notes.

IOS 13.4.1 Update for Apple “I” devices happening this week. What have your experiences been?

Free SiriusXM through May 31st, 2020

Firefox compromised passwords. Glenn got this message today when resetting his password for Word Press. ““Please choose a different password. The password you are using exists on lists of passwords leaked in data breaches. Attackers use such lists to break into sites and install malicious code.”

Apple adds a new inexpensive iPhone to it’s lineup, with many features and running on the A13 chip that is used in the newest iPhone 11 high end phones. Check out the new iPhone SE here: Specs here:

Firefox DNS-over-HTTPS. What does this mean?

The new Brave browser is a fast, private and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile.

Check here to see if your email account has been compromised by checking here at Have I Been Owned:



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5th & Last Wednesday of this month, April. — A Show!
Last week was Earth Day on Wednesday so our show was superseded.
Glenn & Paul ‘Under Wraps At Home’ will call Buzz in the KVMR studios!

BRAVE Web Browser, VPNs and DuckDuckGo.Com— and- WOW:! DNS server:
(There is IP number LOWER number on the vast Address Space of the Internet but its a bit harder to recall : ))
What’s their Point exactly?!
Obfuscation! I like BRAVE as it can deter most kinds of sneakery AND has Built-In optional TOR Anonymous Browsing…
Brave is based on CHROMIUM, the open-source projects that gave you Chrome,
with which it’s compatible with Plugins, etc, and, surprisingly, the ever horrible Microsoft EDGE present in Windows 10…

“ZOOM Fatigue” and M.U.D.; Multi-User Dungeon. Need it Be? The unadmitted role of non verbal communication and communication cues..

Home Audio Production using free   Audacity, software, Etc–
and How Good A MIC do you Need? Buzz
Above all–
How do you at least imitate the baffling and deadening required to focus on what is SUPPOSED to be recorded?
I often have to listen back critically as one’s perceptions tends to block out extraneous reverb and collateral noise |
(Fans, birds, traffic… you name it..!!!) Try recording Silence at full volume– Surprise!
Is AGC (Automatic Gain Control) a Good Idea  or not??

Windows 10 “2004” (Millennial Year: 20, Month: 04, Thanks a lot Microsoft!) should be out Shortly to supersede “1909”
(you guess the release date of that!). These appera about ever 6 months

Are you an Early Adopter- Or a Johhny Come Lately?
You can DELAY all
Updates as there have in fact been some Troubling Ones!

What exactly is CLOUDFLARE and what should I care if I notice it when accessing a Website?
Hint: 10% of the world’s Internet traffic goes through their servers– yours can, too.

Blackmail Email with an old Password of yours in the Sunject: Line– Check Why: “You Have Been Pwned” (Correct Spelling!)



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Possible Zoom Meeting:

Chrome/Windows 10 Video/MIC Permissions..
Test em:
YOur equipment is unlikely to be able to do more thatn one app at a time accessing Camera, MIC.

Reset Repeated Advertising for the likes of OhmConnect

Amazon Reenlistment Fraud of things like bogus 1TB Flash Drives for $19
Bad Reviews? vendor shuts down- Opens as NEW vendor == No Bad Reviews!
“Too Good To Be True” is not necessarily true, but in THIS case…

“Brand Named” is Not– Amazon Don’t Care!

Amazon and others Money Laundering expensive “McGuffin” Items

More On Zoom- Hiring FaceBook Security Exec, Now Has waiting Room & Needs Password

Is “Recue Data Service” Worth it even at $14 at Purchase Time? Likely: NOT
Insurance companies are in the business of having you NOT claim, just remember.

Got Old Floppy Disks?- Not all Hope is Lost. with a USB Driverless floppy drive

Trickier with ZIP Disks….

VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) = WIFI Calling to improve shaky Cell Calls caused by excessive Cell Voice Calls..

Verizon CDMA Ended.. LTE required.

Mar 25 2020

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“Hello, World!” Glenn and I mean to both call in from Outside (in this County, for a Change!)
Also I (Paule) may Broadcast Video over YouTube: (not a Conference)  which brings up issues of Audio and Video access to browsers and software in these increasingly security conscious days!

NEXTDOOR.COM has been Very Useful, Locally, like Facebook for Right Here Now!

A little about limits on Bandwidth and Subscriptions being Lifted during this historical event
Speed Check Your End And Their End: and 

Speaking Of Security– you are using Windows 10 Folder Access Security, Right?

AVAST Antivirus getting both Extortionate and sneaky ($79/yr AND they Sell your Data? Really?!)

– Nice New utility for all Major Platforms to make a bootable USB flash drive from a so called ISO (CDROM) Image File:  Here are a fun set of Images to “boot” from– Note that you can make a USB flash drive for a totally different platform than what you are on– Use a MAC to make a PC bootable flash drive, etc.. ; )

Google Conference Platform using your Google Account: It seems that to Host one one needs a Gsuite account ($5 per account if you already have a Domain, which you Need) but anyone can Join your ‘hosted’ Sessions.. Unlikely to run out of Bandwidth– It'[s Google!
The Pro (GSuite?) version allows interaction with Skype for Business, Etc. where additional Software is required. I have not tried it yet– Looks Interesting to Combine Platforms for Big Enterprises with mixed platforms…

I shall be experimenting with OBS studio coaching platform: Free!

Everyone seems to jump on and the Internet is seeing major increases in traffic– Facebook Video increased 1000% for which Zuckerberg says there is no monetizing : ) … Have alternatives to hand if any one goes down..

VPN– Virtual Private Networking, I have tried NORDVPN – about $10/mo, or $3.50/mo if a 3 year contract.
We talk about what it’s for and what it does – Some Background: Five Eyes  


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“Evil Twin” WIFI Stunt
Baddy creates wifi “Starbucks FREE WIFI” (where real on is “Starbucks WIFI”
DOS to Original.. you connect to the one that “works..”
Now you are Theirs!

SIM Swap Stunt…


MAC: Adding external devices to Time Machine esp. on SSDs with limited Space
Mus Use MAC Formatted MEdia!
you CAN use the TM drive for other things…|
A little about phased arrays…
Cost .v. Quality…?


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Today’s Show:

  • HRH of Saudi Arabia hacks Bezo’s phone * How to Check the Facts : ) … and not just using, good though that is…. (consensus plays a role)
  • How to check Phone Data Overage Charges
  • New Features to turn on to disincline Ransomeware from changing your files
  • Windows 7 Upgrades may be forced by financial institutions- they are ‘aware’ of your OS & browser & may not want to deal with you : )
  • What you reveal when surfing:


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First show of the New year! Welcome! Have a Happy One!
New site CALENDAR to remind us all When we are On!

Front and Center: Windows 10 over Windows 7? To Be Or Not to be?! How?

Windows 7 “Support” ends mid January 2020 
Do Not Panic if Microsoft fills your whole screen with a warning that “Windows 7 will Go Away”
or similar wording. In fact, note but do not click, call, respond or otherwise Interact with ANY such warnings,
most if not all  ARE SCAMS and Microsoft is to be taken to task
for behaving the same way with a Legitimate notice by using a page full of pop up ..

Do Your Own Googling after Closing the Window!
Check the search results to see if an Apple Warning comes from Apple.Com, etc etc…

Upgrade or Install to Windows 10
* Some things that worked in 7 won’t work in 10– earlier Adobe products, for example
Worse, they might work but not correctly.
Do yiur own Research and Talk to the Company.|
Note that any Office version 2007 or nwer seems to move over fine BUT you MAY need to re enter the Products Key.
Free LIBREOFFICE does a sterling job if your MS Office suite   Word/Excel/Access etc Fail
It will natively open all Office formats.
When SAVE time comes be SURE to Save As Office XML not native .ODT otherwise your regular Office users to whom you might send such things will not be able to open the results!

Get a Listing from your machine first using FREE Belarc Advisor /Hardware software inventory

* save anything of value to an external device (Backup)
Get an 8+ GB USB drive and put the Windows 10 Installer/updater in it From Here

New California Consumer Privacy Act of 2020
New California Tel. Caller-ID Anti Spooficin law (Unrelated)

How to slow down some Junk Calls:
Find a Way (!) to get the caller to “Press .1. to Continue” which robocallers will not understand. This is possible in Google Voice & many VOIP systems. Sorry to Be So Vague : )

End. Rev: Jan-09-2020

Oct 30 2019

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PG&E pwoer BACK in Nevada City!

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