What’s My Mac Doing Spinning Its Wheels?

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Douglas Hooper wrote:
> Hi Paul
> Why do my friends and I see that spinning piece of candy on our Macs
> when it seems like there's nothing that it should be processing?
> It's frustrating to sit and wait for our super-capable Macs when there's
> seemingly no reason to be waiting.
> What's the computer doing? Why?
> Thanks!

Hi Douglas,

It is likely thinking hard about the new Daylight Savings project.. L: )
But seriously– If that's possible..!

No one should be using early
MAC OS 10.0, 10.1 and possibly not 10.2 even
as these have 'issues'.
Go Apple Logo, About this Mac.

Now! the real question you asked!

Applications.. Utilities.. Activity Monitor…

Now click on the column marked "CPU" to sort the heaviest user at the TOP. In my case it is the Activity Monitor itself, with about 3%
on a mac mini due core 1.8ghz, looks normal.

Now use the columns for memory, etc to learn exactly what is soaking this thing.

Several things that can cause this wheel-spinning:

1) Do all your Apple Updates! Some fix issues with Performance.
Apple-logo in upper-left: Apple Updates.

2) Disk permission trouble can cause bottleneck in disk access..
Again, Applications, Utilities, Disk Mananger,
Fix Disk Permissions..
While there, note how the disk is formatted.
Click on the disk NAME: such as: 'Mac Hard Drive'
then click the "I" logo for Info.
What does it say?

Unlike Windows, the underlying hfs+ Mac File system,
if that's what you have,
keeps itself largely defragmented and in order
HOWEVER if this MAC is the result of an upgrade from, say, OS9,
such as a pre 2000 era MAC, or due to some other odd reasons,
it can get some other arrangment.

Unplug external drives. Any better?

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