Sep 11 2006

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9/11 of course, and without diverging into t he political realm too much,
how technology can both help and hinder atrocities on all sides.
In many ways technology is a modern-day religion with too often an unreasoning blind faith in its abilities to cure all ills.
We are all paying the price for skilled lobying with "FUD" (Fear, Uncertainty, Dount)
as a marketing and election tool,  more than ever…
We talk about how to be better-informed,
and where to look for points of view at varience with the mainstream.

100th anniversary of nonviolent Satyagraha

Thanks to mark Ostrov of the Lovidoodle Show for these grrat links:

Try this straightforward Internet Speed Test:
Speakeasy Speed Test click a city then sit back for well displayed results!

Great tools for PDFs! Write notes in existing PDFs, More… News Snippets- Amusing, Paradoxical. Thank you Andrew! 

Jeff called in to tell us of a utility to turn off caps lock & insert keys on your keyboard

Lorraine Web woudl like a used Laptop MAC that can take OSX! Palm Infrared Remotecontrol software! 

Trying to undelete photos from pentax camera card:
Try Norton system works "Undelete" or plug the camera back into the
computer then go to the recycle bin and if you see the files there move them to the desktop

On a desktop with “lost” photos try searching using Windows Search for *.jpg and tell it to look into all files & folders, even Hidden Ones (Under Advanced settings)
The longer that passes after deletion and the more the machine is used, the less you may be able to get the stuff back if Undelete is required

New laptop doesn’t have a firewire port for downloading camera images/video … get a pc card firewire plugin for the computer or . Despite presence of USB port on video camera, nevertheless, thsi is NOT for Video, onyl for the still images the camera is capable of storing on its flash card! Eg: $79 SO! Shop Around!

Mp3 players … talked about Creative’s Zen unit .. Paul & I recommend that you get a player which will accept external media. Also- Consider things like Palm TX that plays external Flash cards acceptably through headphone port..

Dave from Marysville wants to know if we are podcasting, YES & HERE ;-}

Due to power outages you might want to go into the bios to change how the computer reboots (or doesn’t) after an outage .. use with caution! varies A LOT between computers:
General name for this options is" Recovery After AC Power Loss" Do NOT forget to have a decent UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Idea is to avoid a newly auto rebooted computer being hit by a second outage in short order, whcih si common. (PG&E often try to automatically repower the line within 15-30 seconds. Too Short! $5/mo Backup! Free Trial. Unlimited? Interesting! Nice Portable GPS Utility, embedded Widnwos Portable. & GPS.

 Dave of Marysville suggested adding our Podcasts to ther iTunes Library service! Will Do! He found a section for our type of show!!

 End. Thanks for Glenn Transcription.

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