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Show notes May-08-2006


We usually use the Intro music from Brian Eno ‘Fractal Zoom’ track #1

But today We used the new Intro music from Alan Parson;s 2004 album “A Valid Path” called “L’Arc en Ciel’ (The Rainbow) because of its intense electronic beat and ambient atmosphere, albiet hyperreal rain.

More Here: Paul lied the title because it was part of a DOS days error message “IN valid path or filename…”


Lorraine Called about Eudora: It’s saving attachments all over her Mac OS9 Desktop. Paul’s Superior Brain recalled fixing this 5+ years ago on some other MAC:

Menu: Special.. Settings.. then something about Attachments.. and pick some OTHER folder then [Desktop], ie: Mac Hard Drive.. Documents.. Attachments. Thanks Lorraine.


Paul played “Mission Improbable” theme music on the Hum and gaffed suggesting Tom’ Cruises’ missus is British, she is not, Katie Holmes is from somewhere like Ohio. However, it is a fact that no woman ever had a baby before ms Holmes. You heard it first on KVMR!


Linux: Paul rambled about making KVMR’s Linux Office Server serve Audio, too, via iTunes, See (advanced). Yet Another Project for Another Show. The “Spaghetti Syndrome” referred to is the abundance of cabling that permeates the production studio that dares one to not tinker right before the show lest we go Off the Air.


Paul wailed about the batteries conking out in his Palm Pilot PDA. Paul uses the Palm Pilot to write notes between KVMR appearances, which he calls ‘homework’ as reminders of things to babble about on-air. It took 3 gaffs to flatten the batteries. Unit had been plugged in but was not powered up! Then, unit WAS powered up, but not plugged in. Both Fixed! Then it got left ON all morning before the show, and flattened anyway.


Windows: to identify your songs using the internet PC/free


Windows. Mac, Linux: High speed multiple file download open source software. A good explanation of this protocol is here  


Windows: Save Streaming Audio from Internet Radio Stations (not free- tiem limited Demo is: Free)


Mac: Thanks, Mikail: Screen Capture Utility


Any Platform, Web Stuff: Make horrible long URLS that mess up Emails into nice short simple-to-read ones


Becomes: (Mikael’s site he Emailed into us for nice freebies for OS X)


To Caller: KVMR’s Streaming Audio tinkering:

Out fine Webmaster, John Button, has now altered that page to allow you to more easily pick which program to play the stream with (All Platforms)

Glen: Or, change file association for file type m3u … my documents … tools .. folder options 
“m3u” is a so called ‘playlist’ or ‘hint’ file to cue your player about where to get its stream. … 
Show End

Sep 11 2006

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Listen Live:

What We Might Talk About:

9/11 of course, and without diverging into t he political realm too much,
how technology can both help and hinder atrocities on all sides.
In many ways technology is a modern-day religion with too often an unreasoning blind faith in its abilities to cure all ills.
We are all paying the price for skilled lobying with "FUD" (Fear, Uncertainty, Dount)
as a marketing and election tool,  more than ever…
We talk about how to be better-informed,
and where to look for points of view at varience with the mainstream.

100th anniversary of nonviolent Satyagraha

Thanks to mark Ostrov of the Lovidoodle Show for these grrat links:

Try this straightforward Internet Speed Test:
Speakeasy Speed Test click a city then sit back for well displayed results!

Great tools for PDFs! Write notes in existing PDFs, More… News Snippets- Amusing, Paradoxical. Thank you Andrew! 

Jeff called in to tell us of a utility to turn off caps lock & insert keys on your keyboard

Lorraine Web woudl like a used Laptop MAC that can take OSX! Palm Infrared Remotecontrol software! 

Trying to undelete photos from pentax camera card:
Try Norton system works "Undelete" or plug the camera back into the
computer then go to the recycle bin and if you see the files there move them to the desktop

On a desktop with “lost” photos try searching using Windows Search for *.jpg and tell it to look into all files & folders, even Hidden Ones (Under Advanced settings)
The longer that passes after deletion and the more the machine is used, the less you may be able to get the stuff back if Undelete is required

New laptop doesn’t have a firewire port for downloading camera images/video … get a pc card firewire plugin for the computer or . Despite presence of USB port on video camera, nevertheless, thsi is NOT for Video, onyl for the still images the camera is capable of storing on its flash card! Eg: $79 SO! Shop Around!

Mp3 players … talked about Creative’s Zen unit .. Paul & I recommend that you get a player which will accept external media. Also- Consider things like Palm TX that plays external Flash cards acceptably through headphone port..

Dave from Marysville wants to know if we are podcasting, YES & HERE ;-}

Due to power outages you might want to go into the bios to change how the computer reboots (or doesn’t) after an outage .. use with caution! varies A LOT between computers:
General name for this options is" Recovery After AC Power Loss" Do NOT forget to have a decent UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Idea is to avoid a newly auto rebooted computer being hit by a second outage in short order, whcih si common. (PG&E often try to automatically repower the line within 15-30 seconds. Too Short! $5/mo Backup! Free Trial. Unlimited? Interesting! Nice Portable GPS Utility, embedded Widnwos Portable. & GPS.

 Dave of Marysville suggested adding our Podcasts to ther iTunes Library service! Will Do! He found a section for our type of show!!

 End. Thanks for Glenn Transcription.

Aug 28 2006

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NOT in the Show! 

New Webshots free screensaver homa page (BETA)

In the SHow! 

Dell & Apple batteries RECALL due to overheating, flaring up!!
If you have a DELL laptop

Paul found this neat site that shows you
flight plans for all sorts of airoplanes around the USA & CAnada 


Iapdesk from staples: 

Spam Proxy Server for Windows! Very Effective (advanced Users)

Quantum Hard Drive IDE fix:
Some of these drives are in older iMacs etc- If they fail, you may be able to switch out the attached circuitboard from a workign drive. only 4 screws and no soldering.
Not so easy with other manufactureres.

http://www.BitComet.Com Susan K. sent us this P2P Win Client.. Download Nothing Bad- Becasue you are also an Uploader- That's how it works.

Google Searches: try these words:
dumb Oedipus
'miserable failure'
Either because it's true or:
Maybe both. 

Use this Utility to explore what's eating resources on your Windows PC
Needs no installation. Just Unpach k n Run it!

NetSol $77 payback! If you domain lapses and someone else then buys it. Network Solutions give you some of the proceeds.

eBay Work From Home scam. More Notes To Follow

FUN Website earned $1m for this college bound student!

Final Note: Women's Alternative Technology.
Tampon Alternative from the UK. What will they think of next!  

– EndItem-

Aug 15 2006 8-10PM, Tuesday: THE OTHER SIDE Special:

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Special Show Other Side with Alan Stahler, KVMR's science correspondant and Paul Castro, Zen Tech computer show co host.
KVMR being a radio station, we will travel the sound spectrum of our universe starting with tonight's special principally with earth sounds in its four principle mediums:
fluid, gas, solid and plasma. That is, oceans,  atmosphere, the Earth itself  and the surrounding space.

Some of these sounds must be converted so that we will hear 'renderings' of otherwise imperceptible things, such as extremely low frequency glacier-quakes or electrical signals produced by far distant thunderstorms called whistlers.


Earthquake Noise
Mt Erebus, Antarctica

US Geological Survey reaserch recordings:

 Music Combod with Storms: (Relaxation, etc!)

Creative Commons (free) Sound FX library


NOAA Sub Marine noise & some unexplained phenomena

Whale Sounds, various species, sped up.. 

Underwater Earthquke- Like thuinder- With whales!


Integration with musical compositions:
Lecture w/Examples:

Aeolian Harp Natural Sounds:

Tibetan Horns:

FreeSound Human Voice Samples: TUVA, ETC 

Sounds of Space: Slar ShockWave, Etc..


Aug 14 2006

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ZenTech show notes August 14, 2006
Our first caller told the story of the man who found no sunshine in his house. He called the neighbor about this, who said that there was however sunshine int the garden and that perhaps the house should therefore be relocated there. We are off to a super start!

5 mile Wireless Radio Internet Brige  notes: THANKS Bill from far away Vacaville (FM radio 89.5 at 100 miles out!). Thsi would allow you for example, to share your Internet connection with a neighbor so long as they are in sight.
Listner from Alta, about 14 miles from Colfax (?) with a question about about a 10-year agreement to sign to carry a relay on a tree on his property. Glenn suggested studying Easements, Paul suggested consulting a lawyer not a tech show as a lot can change in a few years, such as when selling the property!

Vacaville Caller again:
When dialed up to the internet there is a sound interfering with phone calls made on another phone line
Caller does NOT have a Cordless Phone (these opearate at similar frequencies to wireless networks and can get interferance)
Paul suggested the house phone wires were picking up the signals, probably from unbalanced wiring (where one wire of a  pair somehow has gotten longer)
Dennis B. of KVMR suggested AFTER the show that this interferance can come via cell phones-
especially with a weak signal because the cell phone must maximize its gain to reach the tower.
A very characteristic set of 5-6 bursts of about 100Hz at about 3 times a second ends after a few seconds. It's NOT continuous, and often happens right before a call comes in! Memorex 2gig usb flash dirve $29.95 plus free shipping !! ftp problems from last week and this week too
Isp gives you an ip address … use reverse lookup to see who it belongs to

  1. to check your ip address
  2. MAC Terminal or Windows cmd promt: "nslookup"
  3. Paste IP address found above. should get NO error but rather, some kind of name for the ip, usually referring to you Internet Provider.
  4. If this gives an Error, then FTP may be hindered by the remote server refusing connections as you cannot properly 'identify'eho your IP is. Problem is often intermittent,

use nslookup in the command area and if it tells you that your provider is there then ftp should work, if it can’t find your provider then try again

Thanks, Bruce Doan for:
used/off-lease/refurbished  laptops from Nevada how to setup thunderbird to send mail when clicking on a weblink

These are BASIC settings. More reliable is so called SMTPAUTH settings. More To Follow? 

dvd shrink. A program to decode and compress DVDs from 9+ GB disks to 4.x+GB DVD Drives.
Basically, it often fails. Ideally, use NERO plus NeroVision Express and "Recode". (transcode, or convert resolutions and compression)

July 14 2006

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No Notes Yet

July 31 2006

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We will put things up that we mean to talk about, here!
Then, when the show is Over, the actual notes will go here!
Links Open New Windows. Close Windo When Done


Intended Subjects: 'Zero One San Jose'
A Global Festival of Art on the Edge & the Thirteenth International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA2006) AUGUST 7-13, 2006. Sample Artworks:
Thanks, C Jordan for contribution.
PS- That site uses the same CMS (Content Management System)
as this one, but taken to its artisitic maximum " )


July 17 2006

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Click on Links to open a NEW window to look at.
When you close them, you will be back here.

KVMR’s experimental Studio 401 & News PODCASTS [now Inactive]
click on podcast.htm then drag your choice to iTunes

Very early Audio Archuve test:

Use Winamp to record live radio broadcasts from the internet
Get it from here, free:

Right click on main menu, left click on options, preferences at bottom section choose plugins … output (where to send the sound that winamp is getting) switch to nulsoft’s “Disk Writer”
and click “Settings” to control where things that Winamp plays will get saved. Note you may not hear Winamp in this mode as it is no longer talking to the sound card (DirectSound Output) so when finished, you need to switch back…

Winamp … office laptop with Norton internet security, home computer uses panda 2006 5.24

Can’t get to Audio Online sites from home computer using Panda, might be a problem with Panda’s firewall or port numbers, try to temporarily turn off Panda and see if the link then works … to try to isolate the problem. Audio Feeds often use ports other thatn 80 (the web port). For example, KVMR’s high resolution feed uses port 8000, which, while pretty common, is not universal. Other stations may not do that. Also Possible: That the Internet Provider has blocked all but the commonest ports?


Winamp agent in the system tray … Panda blocks him from accessing it from the system tray, turn Panda off, make changes to Winamp preferences, then turn Panda back on.


Terry: 2 xp pc’s using file sharing, 3 shared on pc2, on pc1 it can read one of the shares but can’t read the other 2. Turned off Norton firewall, it works until Norton comes back all.
More Details will Follow, Probably to paul’s Picks, abotu this increasingly common issue

___________________________ Nevada County Economic Resource Counsel
Check Links on Left for free furniture and recycling office stuff


Nevada County’s recycle web page


Microsoft office/excel mail merge problem … make sure both excel & word are the same version,
To Do THis: Help… About… in either program. Should match version wording.

try printing to a file not the printer. Try checking this site to ensure all Office Products Up To Date (Paul’s Picks)

You MUST use Internet Explorer to do this. Also– If you do not need Paginations (Page Numbering) Turn it Off. It slows things down a lot.


Script error messages

Open internet explore, tools, internet options, advanced turn off “report script errors”

Thanks for transcribing this, Glenn!

July 03 2006

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How to disable or uninstall the pilot version of Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications

help for turning off the WGA notifications, not tried by either of us so follow instructions carefully please

Opera 9 Web Browser

an alternative web browser to Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox: NOt Big. Inludes: IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and reportedly, a BitTorrent PErr to Peer cleint?

Internet Archive – Wayback Machine

a way to look up your past data on the internet and ask for it to be removed?

The Ditty Bops

a great group who appeared a few weeks ago in studio … nice fun site



Michael called in with some questions and this link to his site about online computer talk shows including ZENTECH ! Thanks Michael

EWIDO antispyware software

an alternative antispyware software to Spy Bot Search & Destroy and AdAware, this product has been purchased by the AVG folks and Paul & I really like it, more to come in the weeks ahead as we discover all it’s features


SmarterBroadband offers High Speed Broadband Wireless

a local wireless broadband provider

Find wireless signals with Net Stumbler

use this to see if there are any wireless signals running around your air space! offers internet speed tests

use this site to check your internet speed and compare it to other providers and types of service

1 33 34 35