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<When I update a Zentech page, I post a tweet at
You don't have to join Twitter to read it
You can also search for the tag #Zentech> is like Ebay but for arts & crafts and everything on there is not mass produced, it's one-off or craft work. On there, you can search for locally produced crafts. See the above link.

Glenn said many web sites can now approximate your geographical location by the servers you use for your internet connection. But accuracy is less if you're using, for instance, AT&T DSL where, for this region, they'll only be able to tell that you're using the peer point in Sacramento. For a satellite connection, the accuracy can be even less.

Mentioned again, for an average $60/mo there are USB devices from Verizon & AT&T which will give you an internet connection thru their 3G network. <mentioned before here>

Glenn's landlord is getting Digital Path's service for him <Digital Path mentioned before here>.

Luci Wilson joined the show to talk more about She said that part of your agreement to sell on the site is that your product be handmade or vintage. She said her specialty is knitting & spinning.

Luci also talked about (link above). It's a social network site with additional features, for knitter, spinner & crocheters. It also allows you to keep track of your own projects & patterns and those of others in your network.
Contact Luci at:

Glenn is working on a G4 Mac. While trying to install the operating system it's coming up with a question mark when booting from a CD/DVD.
– Paul said that, from he's experience, PCs or Macs older than about 3 years have subpar optical drives. They may be ok for playing media but have trouble installing an operating system.
– Find the disks that came with the machine. One of them is a test disk. If you boot from that it will try to analyze what's wrong.
– Get a distribution of Linux (maybe Ubuntu) that's been compiled to use on a G4. If it runs ok, that's an indication that the drive is ok.
– Burned disks tend to have more problems than manufactured disks.

Paul said that it took 10 years for the patent office to grant a patent to Steve Jobs (of Apple).

Glenn mentioned that Mac World is coming up in January.
<try to google for "free Mac World passes">

Paul said he got an iMac G5 for some work he'd done and was trying to attach a 2nd monitor to work in the "extended" mode. That's where the cursor tracks from one monitor to the other. That's different than one screen duplicating what's on the other. He had to do find a discussion forum that steered him to software that modified the firmware, before he was successful. This may not work on the Intel Macs.

Betsy got a new iMac and is trying to use her HP LaserJet 6MP. She had been using the printer with an older Mac thru an Asanti box <I'm not sure I heard the name correctly>. This is a device that turns a printer into an Apple Share device. She was told she'd have to do something different to get it working with Snow Leopard on the new Mac.
– Try it with Snow Leopard anyway, it just might work.
– Go on Ebay and search for "Centronix print server" <I'd also search for Centronics (spelled differently)> and also "Centronix print server bonjour".

Peter just bought a flat screen monitor and said he doesn't see the proper setting, in the control panel, for the pixel rating of the monitor, which is 1920X1080.
– Try some other setting
– The video card doesn't have enough memory that the monitor likes.

– Go into the BIOS and increase how much video memory is allocated to 8meg or 16meg. Also try unchecking the check box that says "only show recommended modes".
– A better option is to go to Ebay and get a DVI video card with at least 16meg of memory for about $15 and get a DVI cable. You'll have to know if the video slot in your computer is AGP or PCI Express.

Glenn briefly explained some of the different DSL subscription plans.
One of the plans, if you're a new to DSL, costs $10/mo from AT&T but it doesn't include the hardware at that price and you have to commit to a 1 year term.

Karen, who has a Mac, called and wanted to know how to delete email addresses which she hadn't put into here address book but were remembered from the mail she had received. She's using the Apple Mail Program.
– Start typing the email name and when all similar names are displayed in the pop-up list, control-click or right-click on the one you want to get rid of to get a list of options of what you can do with that particular address. Then click delete.

Lisa called to say she's being prompted to upgrade the AVG anti-virus.
– Go to and carefully look for the link to the free version (different from the free for 30 days link).
– Because it's a big download, Glenn said, if you're on dialup, he's willing to snail-mail out copies to those who ask. Email: zen at kvmr dot org

She also has an old Mac Power Book with OS 9.1, 128meg RAM & 400mHz CPU and wonders if it's worth upgrading.
– It will almost be unusable on the internet.
– It will still be sluggish even if you do as much as you can for it.
– With more memory you can put OS 10.4 in it.
– You can google for your model and see what memory is available.
– You also go to and find out the type of memory you need.
Lisa said if anyone is interested in this machine, contact her at 273-4817 <I presume the area is 530>

Greg called to ask how to make rules work for Outlook mail so he can filter the incoming mail.
– Don't bother. Outlook has serious problems with rules.
– Use Thunderbird instead. Thunderbird will import mail & address book from Outlook. If you don't give Thunderbird your email password, it won't pick up your mail. That will give you a chance to see how useful it will be for you and still allow Outlook to continue picking up your mail.

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