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The 3.1.2 update for the iPhone is available but it's IMPORTANT to read the instructions first.
To reboot the iPhone hold the power & home button down together for about 30sec

Both Glenn & Paul have face book accounts.
Paul's facebook
Glenn's facebook 

One of the contributors to Paul's face book is Catharine who says that there is a free web page editor called Kompozer (see the above link).

Glenn mentioned that AT&T has an option to have 10 numbers on a list that you can call without using up your minutes. But you have to have, he thinks, the 1500 minute account. So read the fine print.

Youtube is a good resource for how-to videos. Some products are hard to take apart; you have to know where to push on the case at specific points to disengage the holding tabs, and there are Youtube videos to help you with that.

You can get an iPhone for about $1000 with no commitment to AT&T.

There was an email from Katie. She has a Samsung 8-millimeter cam corder Hi-8. The only output she can find is S-video.
– If it was made in about the last 3 years it may have a USB or some other port.
– There used to be the Canopus Converter that connects to the Hi-8 port and produces output on a Firewire port for the computer.
– For $12 on ebay, Paul once found a 4 channel analog video to digital capture <mentioned on a previous show. I'll update the page if I find it>

Lee called and said he upgraded from Vista to Windows 7.
He previously used the program Transfer My PC and he tried to uninstall the program but it wasn't all deleted, as a result, the program to test compatibility issued a warning.
– Use Revo Uninstaller. But first reinstall Transfer My PC so Revo can see it.

Lee said he finally did manage to uninstall Transfer My PC and then it took a couple of hours to do the upgrade.
He also says Windows 7 is booting and running faster than Vista.
The only thing that he found incompatible is the fingerprint reader
– Be careful about uninstalling security software like the fingerprint reader or you may lose access to your computer.
– Minimum RAM to run Windows 7 is 1gig. Glenn said Vista had the same requirement but that seemed inadequate. More memory is recommended.

Eileen called. She has an iMac OS9, a scanner and Adobe Photo Shop. She wonders what their value is.
If you're interested in buying this from her, contact her at:
470 9244 <I think the area code near Nevada City is 530>
– Check ebay for a fair value of this setup.

Bernie called and said he can't find the phone number for AOL to cancel his trial account.
– Paul found the number 1 877 773 4462, provided by a third party.
– You can contact your credit card company & tell them not to honor payment requests form AOL.
Bernie also says he gets a status screen saying "installation package not available".
– Paul thinks it's a piece of software that needs the original disks to finish its installation.
– Call HP (his computer's vendor) at 1 800 HP INVENT and ask their customer support.

Glenn said, that previously, the AT&T $10/mo (1 year contract) DSL was problematic to subscribe to. You'd have to call them to complete the subscription. But, when you call, they'd say you can only do your sign-up online for that plan. That problem has now been resolved.

3G is the way the iPhone gets broadband internet at DSL speeds. When you're out of range it falls back to the EDGE network which runs at 9600bps.
USB wide area wireless network cards are available from AT&T or Verizon to get an internet connection thru the cellphone network.
In 2006 Kyrocera was the first to come out with a 3G router that would take a PCI Express or a USB card (one that would give 3G internet access) and provide that internet access to a network of local computers. <So, you can have more than one computer sharing the access thru one card and one account.>

This way of getting an internet connection is costly an meant for those who can't get cable or DSL but who have cellphone service. Before you buy into this, use a cell phone to be sure you have a good signal. Then try the USB card in a single computer (without the router) to confirm all is working well. After that, you can go to to get a router, like the Kyrocera, and get all of your compters online. At you can also get an antenna you can mount near a window to boost your signal.

The data plan for using such a USB card will cost at least $60/mo and there is cap on the amount of data you can transfer, where you'll pay extra beyond a set maximum.

Glenn received an add from offering unlimited nation-wide long distance and 3meg of internet (they probably meant a rate of 3 megs per second) for $60/mo.

Gary called to say he bought a hard drive that is password protected and he's trying to crack it.
– If all of the data on the entire drive is encrypted, you may never get access unless you reformat the drive. Use the Linux operating system to reformat, if necessary.
– The drive may have a password protected BIOS (hardware) in it, in which case you're out of luck.

Susan is currently using Real VMC to connect a laptop to her main computer. She's thinking of getting a Mac laptop and wants to know if there is similar program to connect the Mac in a similar way.
– Go to showmypc,com

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