Nov 16, 2009

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Paul was in Goodyear Arizona and joined Glenn by a Skype VOIP connection. He was also broadcasting video by using Ustream. You don't have to login to just see the video, but you do if you want to chat. See the link at the top of the page at (or here). You'll need a broadband connection.

You can go to fill in the "from" and "to" fields to get your distance from one place to another.

There is a new wireless internet provider <also mentioned during the last show> in the Wolf Mountain area near Nevada City.

Susanna from Hospitality House (a homeless shelter) called in looking for someone to redesign their web site. See the above link.

Dave called in to say he likes the Ustream broadcast. However, he gets periodic lock-ups using the Flash player.
– Make sure you have the latest version of the Flash plugin.
– You can find the version you're using if you google the words flash test and run the test. Paul said that currently the latest version is
 – Paul also said, he's discovered that a CPU of at least 1 giga hertz is necessary to run Flash.
– Try using Flash inside of Firefox. Dave said he did try it in Firefox and there was an improvement.
– There are different versions of the Flash plugin for different browsers.

Scott called to say he is also watching Paul on Ustream but said he can't hear any callers to the show.
– The Ustream broadcast is separate from the Zentech broadcast.

If you'd like to help Hospitality House with their web site, you can email to zen (at) and your message will be forwarded to Susanna. Or go to their web site.

Paul said there is the Leonid Meteor shower tonight (Tuesday morning). See the above link.

Laura called asking who the speaker was during the show preceding the Zentech show.
– Call the KVMR office at 265 9073 <area 530, I think> and leave a message for Dr. Ely. You may even be able to get a tape of the show. Check the biography page for more info and an email address.

Susanna of Hospitality House called again to clarify that they want to redesign their web site and not just do a minor improvement.

Paul turned the camera back on his laptop to show the setup for the Ustream application.

Paul also mentioned that USB 3 is coming out. It can do 5 gigaBytes/sec <maybe he meant gigaBits/sec>. It can address individual devices so a couple of devices don't soak up all of the bandwidth. There are extra wires, separate ones for transmit & receive. It's expected to be out next year. He said it appears to still be a hub technology and you may not be able to daisy-chain devices. It's not clear if there is backward compatibility for USB 2, though older drivers are supported. See the above link. You can also go to for more info.

Thor called to say the guest on the Ely show was Mike Dooley. He also says he's designed web sites and has had great success using WordPress. He thought it might be useful for Hospitality House.

Talk about the USB connector lead to the suggestion of marking one side with White-Out so you don't try to insert it backwards.

Paul quickly mentioned a few other things referenced by the above links…
There is a chemical sensor for the iPhone.
There's a way to check if Windows XP is broken. At the command line type sfc /?
He recommends the photo-editing program Picassa 3.5
There is a way to launch Firefox and Internet Explorer with more than one home page open in the tabs. Look under "Options" or "Preferences".

<Note there are a couple of other items, in the above links, that were not mentioned during the show.>

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