Aug 13 2007

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Linux Expo Visit Report: We saw the "One Laptop Per Child" itself,
a small sub $100.00 unit primarily for the third world but already in use in the USA:
where you can download a sampel boot disk to see for yourself & maybe contribute.
Presenter laughingly said: "we are No Child Left Without" and: "Beyond Pencil and Paper".
This thing does mesh networking! Side note: Nicholas Negroponte , founder of the MIT Media Lab that coordianted this, is brother of John Negroponte .. Know him?

For us in the West: I like the Palm Folio mini laptop, 100% solidstate Sub $499.00. 

Apple 'Easter Eggs' (Little Secret Program Shortcuts!)

 We may be running Skype for this show; I have a Laptop!.. Woop di do, watch this space..

Ghostly Party Tricks for fun and damage at Windows XP: Delete notepad.exe. Bad Penny!
Delete outlook.exe. Another Bad Penny. They Come Back! How, and How to Defeat (Advanced!)
Reason: We want Notepad.exe to be repalced with Metapad

Thanks to Pete Grant of Auburn Area for a brainsplitter- a Mac G4 that refused to boot unless one of its video ports was disconnected..!

Thanks to ME for a PC BIOS set to Boot from External Drive that attempted to Boot from… a USB Printer! (Partial solutions: Disable DOS mode for USB)

BIOS Firmware Updates– Good or Bad idea?

Heatsink Magic Paste at nearly $10.00 a tube… We test drive. Cool! or is it?!

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