May 5 2008

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Hello All: Paul Castro Back with Glenn in the Studio! THANKS to Alex for publishing show notes and to Adam Brodel for being here last time.

THANKS to Mila fresh from the Broadcaster Class who helped out and fit right in with answering calls and had esoteric knowledge about software version numbers and program quirks.

Final Vista Service Pack 1 Release Mid April 2008; Use Google to Look up : KB936330
Reason: Microsoft uses such funky tranansient URLs that I cannot reliably insert them here!
Administrative Download (5+ Languages) is nearly 500MB but it appears to WORK after many false & buggy starts. A Very funny 'christmas tree icon flash' Bug after restart!!

Naughty APPLE is foisting Safari for Windows onto us as an 'Update' via the iTunes Update Facility.
I love iTunes, I don't mind Safari but I hate their arrogance.  If you ever wondered how a boat load of garbage ends up on your PC that makes it unuseable after a year or less,
here's one way. Get Stuffed on THAT one Apple!

Other ways: everyone and his or herr sister shoving the Yahoo Toolbar onto you when you install 'free' stuff: This is the technical equivalent to me of NOT labelling your foods and products honestly with their purpose.  "Kill a Watt" Clever Energy Meters that tells you in a runnign total the Cost of Energy for particular devices in your home: Especially the "EZ" model.

No Good hiding the System Tray to pretent Too Many THings are running:
I typically have about five, that's all. Any More and soemthign is wrong!

Check out Amazon Web Services for truly virtualized web/app hosting!
Today, Peter Gabriels physical host was Stolen in the UK and his site went down It would not happen with this system!

Google: DOCS and iGoogle Just Got Better! Yea!

Hey look the free AVG Antivirus version 7.5 many of us use is starting
to nag us to buy upgrades to paid version 8.0 and warnign 7.5 will quit
operating at the end of may.
and why not.

If you DO buy,
be sure to ONLY get the Antivirus Product, not the Internet Security
suite which as many found, utterly busts Windows (more)

But you can continue to freeload
or even start using this Antivirus
product for the first time by going to:

click throughout on the FREE version 8 DO NOT pick Upgrade otherwise it will NOT show oyu the Free one.
save & then Install..
It will detect version 7.5 and Remove it. That's Okay It will offer to
install Security Toolbar: Pick NO.
It will offer to schedule scans everyday. Pick NO It will want Rebooting
Then it will UPdate. or Make it Do so.
Back in Business.
This version has URL Phishing Checking
which is bound to have an impact on web browsing speeds.

TSA & DHS Take Laptops. NO Guidlines about use of data on way thorugh borders. More On Show.

32 bit CPU RAM Linit under 4GP LAE: The Limiti We THought We Would Never Reach

Glenn's EeePC Recoverd from Trip

Apple LogicPro 8 surprisingly low cost!

Mexican Mobile Phone Use in Baja by Paul




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