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Show notes May-08-2006


We usually use the Intro music from Brian Eno ‘Fractal Zoom’ track #1

But today We used the new Intro music from Alan Parson;s 2004 album “A Valid Path” called “L’Arc en Ciel’ (The Rainbow) because of its intense electronic beat and ambient atmosphere, albiet hyperreal rain.

More Here: Paul lied the title because it was part of a DOS days error message “IN valid path or filename…”


Lorraine Called about Eudora: It’s saving attachments all over her Mac OS9 Desktop. Paul’s Superior Brain recalled fixing this 5+ years ago on some other MAC:

Menu: Special.. Settings.. then something about Attachments.. and pick some OTHER folder then [Desktop], ie: Mac Hard Drive.. Documents.. Attachments. Thanks Lorraine.


Paul played “Mission Improbable” theme music on the Hum and gaffed suggesting Tom’ Cruises’ missus is British, she is not, Katie Holmes is from somewhere like Ohio. However, it is a fact that no woman ever had a baby before ms Holmes. You heard it first on KVMR!


Linux: Paul rambled about making KVMR’s Linux Office Server serve Audio, too, via iTunes, See (advanced). Yet Another Project for Another Show. The “Spaghetti Syndrome” referred to is the abundance of cabling that permeates the production studio that dares one to not tinker right before the show lest we go Off the Air.


Paul wailed about the batteries conking out in his Palm Pilot PDA. Paul uses the Palm Pilot to write notes between KVMR appearances, which he calls ‘homework’ as reminders of things to babble about on-air. It took 3 gaffs to flatten the batteries. Unit had been plugged in but was not powered up! Then, unit WAS powered up, but not plugged in. Both Fixed! Then it got left ON all morning before the show, and flattened anyway.


Windows: to identify your songs using the internet PC/free


Windows. Mac, Linux: High speed multiple file download open source software. A good explanation of this protocol is here  


Windows: Save Streaming Audio from Internet Radio Stations (not free- tiem limited Demo is: Free)


Mac: Thanks, Mikail: Screen Capture Utility


Any Platform, Web Stuff: Make horrible long URLS that mess up Emails into nice short simple-to-read ones


Becomes: (Mikael’s site he Emailed into us for nice freebies for OS X)


To Caller: KVMR’s Streaming Audio tinkering:

Out fine Webmaster, John Button, has now altered that page to allow you to more easily pick which program to play the stream with (All Platforms)

Glen: Or, change file association for file type m3u … my documents … tools .. folder options 
“m3u” is a so called ‘playlist’ or ‘hint’ file to cue your player about where to get its stream. … 
Show End

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