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Show of last week Mar 24 was handled as Garden Forum
with Robyn Martin as neither of us Glen nor Paule could get it together in time!

On the Road in beutiful Merida Yucatán

And busy with a tiny mobile studio:
iPhone 10 XS and a MacBook Pro M1 both with latest operating systems
This is a dynamite travel Combo as both are tightly secured with Face-ID
and Touch-ID that is near impossible for strangers to bypass.
(I also carried an Apple AirTag whenver I left a day pack in my stay..)
As promised, the MacBook M1 lasts 10h or more on battery and weighs 2 pounds with a 13 inch screen– Perfect. It’s also super fast at digital storage and processing and SEEMS quite robust. So Far.

Plus- the Audio file produced on the iPhone using the native Voice Memo App
even labels the audio files with the name of the location gotten by GPS!

One can ‘airdrop’ files such as my Voice Memos off the iPhone
onto my MacBook M1 to import into Audacity Audio Editor
I also recorded straight into the Laptop

Glenn did the exact same and Emailed me couple voice memos which I included and chopped up

Audacity Zen Tech Edit

Zen Tech 54 minute edit

Here is a link to a 13 min composite Video I made after recording the Radio Show….
Walking round again, this time filming : )
Click Here– YouTube Video

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