Mar 25 2020

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“Hello, World!” Glenn and I mean to both call in from Outside (in this County, for a Change!)
Also I (Paule) may Broadcast Video over YouTube: (not a Conference)  which brings up issues of Audio and Video access to browsers and software in these increasingly security conscious days!

NEXTDOOR.COM has been Very Useful, Locally, like Facebook for Right Here Now!

A little about limits on Bandwidth and Subscriptions being Lifted during this historical event
Speed Check Your End And Their End: and 

Speaking Of Security– you are using Windows 10 Folder Access Security, Right?

AVAST Antivirus getting both Extortionate and sneaky ($79/yr AND they Sell your Data? Really?!)

– Nice New utility for all Major Platforms to make a bootable USB flash drive from a so called ISO (CDROM) Image File:  Here are a fun set of Images to “boot” from– Note that you can make a USB flash drive for a totally different platform than what you are on– Use a MAC to make a PC bootable flash drive, etc.. ; )

Google Conference Platform using your Google Account: It seems that to Host one one needs a Gsuite account ($5 per account if you already have a Domain, which you Need) but anyone can Join your ‘hosted’ Sessions.. Unlikely to run out of Bandwidth– It'[s Google!
The Pro (GSuite?) version allows interaction with Skype for Business, Etc. where additional Software is required. I have not tried it yet– Looks Interesting to Combine Platforms for Big Enterprises with mixed platforms…

I shall be experimenting with OBS studio coaching platform: Free!

Everyone seems to jump on and the Internet is seeing major increases in traffic– Facebook Video increased 1000% for which Zuckerberg says there is no monetizing : ) … Have alternatives to hand if any one goes down..

VPN– Virtual Private Networking, I have tried NORDVPN – about $10/mo, or $3.50/mo if a 3 year contract.
We talk about what it’s for and what it does – Some Background: Five Eyes  

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