Mar 24 2008

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The Eeepc was mentioned on other shows. Please use search feature to find.
2gig version can be had for $369
4gigs for $499
Costco is selling one in pink for $399
User forums:

Jeffrey Heins (today's co-host) recommends Ubuntu if you want to try Linux; wait for April update, it runs on Windows NTFS hard drives.
Check for drivers for your hardware when you pick a flavor of Linux
Many of the flavors have the live CD feature where the Linux will boot directly from the CD, bypassing Windows, allowing you to try it before installing.

Service pack 1 for Vista may not make significant improvements. Some articles here:'Vista'

Kindle, an ebook reader from Amazon, uses wireless (cell phone network, provide in the cost) to download ebooks, newspapers, etc.
Uses electronic ink technology for a paper-like display:

Google wants to use unused tv bands to provide wireless connections.

Caller with an iPod wants to exclude songs from a shuffle list but the iPod insists on including them.
Suggestion is to update the firmware.
Get more tips in the ipod forum at:

How the date of Easter is determined and ecclesiastical full moon vs. astronomical Full Moon:
The algorithm used to calculate Easter:
Even more here; with a computer program in BASIC (see, it is related to computers):

Earth's rotation varies over time. Link to International Earth Rotation Service:

AT&T DSL price increased by $5/mo, check your phone bills.
Speed problems with DSL are not usually due to lack of bandwidth on your end. Buying extra bandwidth my not necessarily improve your experience.

You may have problems if you're using an SMTP (outbound mail) domain other than SBCglobal/Yahoo/Pacbell, when using AT&T DSL.
Either use an SMTP server different from that provided by AT&T or go to, log into your account and use the settings to register the domain you want to use for mail.

Google will host your mail domain, in google apps, for free.

A caller asks about using a laptop (connected to the internet) to send/receive data/messages on a cell phone.
With bluetooth connecting the laptop & phone you'll get about 9600 baud transfer rate.
Using bluetooth to transfer files from the phone to a computer (no internet involved) it's about 115k baud
Using a laptop to get on the internet thru a cell phone via bluetooth you may get charged extra for data transfers.
For $70/mo you can get a special USB device (for your computer) that will use the cell phone network for internet connections.
You may be able to get EDGE, at $30/mo, for your phone so you can use the phone to connect the computer to the internet.
Some info about EDGE, EVDO, HSUPA, etc:

For those thinking of getting a Blackberry, check to see how well it can sych up with your other devices.

Mozilla Sunbird is comparable to Mac's ical calendar/scheduling program.

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