Jan 28 2008

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home mesh automation! by MAC.. 

 Human/Computer Interface

Notes By Glen: 


In studio guest Jeffrey Hein a Linux programmer will field calls about Linux today.

Linux is an alternative operating system to Windows. It can be free or purchased. If you re-distribute it you must make all changes you have available for everyone. Jeffrey’s web site is http://www.jphein.com/ Linux can easily run on older equipment. UBUNTU.com


Sound from an HP computer when run about 20’ to a powered boom box is very low. Try to use a short wire on the same boom box. Check in the computer to make sure all the sounds settings are on and turned up.


Truckee translator: a listener is having problems with receiving 105.1fm consistently. I drops off completely for several minutes at a time. Try to set up a better antenna system. The weather could also be the problem this time of year.


Spamford Wallace has done bad things to 100,000 MySpace websites, a listener has most likely gotten a virus by trying to access a bands website. Most likely she will have to re-install Windows on this Dell laptop.


Billeo was mistakenly installed on her computer and is now bringing up porn and such. Jeffrey recommends winpooch to ask you in the future if you really want to install software from the web !!


Using Syncback, James is having trouble using the “Default” profile. Double click on it. From www.2brightsparks.com


I Power Web is allowing all “BCC” (blind carbon copy) to show all e-mail addresses. PHP List can help with this. Phplist.com


Remember that using your debit card online can be more risky than using an actually credit card which will provide more protection against unauthorized use.


Linux, performance was slow for Open Office and such according to one user. Jeffrey suggests that the graphics card might not have the correct drivers.





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