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Become a beta tester for SpaceX Starlink Internet- Northern latitudes most likely, at first .. : )

More wildlife than ever this year! Maybe you need a CritterCam?!

your Android Phone (Samsung etc) can Read stuff to you its camera sees!

Next Big MAC: Jump from OS10 (founded 2000!) to OS 11 AKA: “Big Sur” and NEW Hardware based on custom Apple RISC processors, putting laptops & desktops in league with the processors used within your iPad, iPhone running IOS.
The Gap Closeth!

800# Scam!!
Dear Customer,
We Thank You on the completion of your 1 year Windows Defender protection plan with 24/7 technical support.
We have charged you $299 for the 12 months of subscription from your account.
If you have any questions call 1 -800-eat-sh**. That and various Porn Site “Memberships” & Even “Amazoon”!

Speed Up Windows 10?! Update It?! These TechRadar Hints are right on the ball!

Why does Ransomware not hit personal computers equally?!

Scripting things on your iPhone & iPad

Wierd Error MEssages? “Unfixable” woes? Google the result VERBATIM.
Several Times Over!
How about my for example JVC car stereo and what it takes to fix it, HEREĀ 

Same Story for ah, Yes! CAR ALARMS- How would you drive your car if the battery in the alarm disarmer failed?
LEARN NOW OR YOU WILL WISH YOU HAD!– Black Magic. All Bets Are Off If You Lose the Key, Too! : )


XYA.COM — Allright!!


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