June 04 2007

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Glenn is not physically present for this show BUT just like Charlie's Angels – Remember them? (cough cough) he Left an Important Recording. Oh! Was that Mission Improbable from- Eeek! TV?! A little study on what happens when we try to get a warranty issue taken care of..!

* What is a 'vulnerability' worth?  If YOU found the key to a safe- Would you sell it to someone else?

Version numbering schemes, and what they mean, Example: Mozilla Project is now at Firefox Browser ver ad ThunderBird What do the number really mean? How can you figure what they are? Very important in Microsoft products!

The SVCHOST.EXE 100% Slowdown bug we described last program has been fixed- Sort Of.
In Windows, hit the [Ctrl] [Alt] [Del] keys all at the same time. Click [Processes] on the resulting windows. Look through the list of things running there. For ADVANCED users only: There is a replacement for thsi simple task manager taht has a lot mre information get it free here from SYSINTERNALS

First: WHAT IT IS (nope, not usually a Virus- Do NOT kill it) and WHAT TO DO if its usage is higher than any other process.
NEXT how to sometimes Fix the Problem

MAC Bit! (Hi Motorcycle Mike) Apple has had an unusual number of Patches recently, mostly to its iTunes product both on PC & MAC. And then some more patches for its operating system, Is it always Okay to 'fix' things that seem to have been workign OK so far?.. Thsi shoudl start a Row! I Say: More Often Yes Than No– With Due Diligence Of Course!

they bunch their fixes up and send em out the 2nd Tuesday of every month is: June 11 2007 


Frantic Sematics: No I do not mean 'Symatec'
many computer words are very ambiguous, such as the words: 'Firewall' and 'Secure' and how about 'Artifical Intelligence' and 'Smart Software' .. Haha! I rant a little here before my meds kick in..

Satellite navigators. Been around over 10 years, and only now becoming truly useful!


Fedora 7 released May 31 2007: Fedora is a type of Linux related to another called RedHat Linux. Try using P2P (peer to peer) to legally download it RIGHT HERE! 

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