July 17 2006

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KVMR’s experimental Studio 401 & News PODCASTS

www.kvmr.org/tech [now Inactive]
click on podcast.htm then drag your choice to iTunes

Very early Audio Archuve test:

Use Winamp to record live radio broadcasts from the internet
Get it from here, free: http://www.winamp.com

Right click on main menu, left click on options, preferences at bottom section choose plugins … output (where to send the sound that winamp is getting) switch to nulsoft’s “Disk Writer”
and click “Settings” to control where things that Winamp plays will get saved. Note you may not hear Winamp in this mode as it is no longer talking to the sound card (DirectSound Output) so when finished, you need to switch back…

Winamp … office laptop with Norton internet security, home computer uses panda 2006 5.24

Can’t get to Audio Online sites from home computer using Panda, might be a problem with Panda’s firewall or port numbers, try to temporarily turn off Panda and see if the link then works … to try to isolate the problem. Audio Feeds often use ports other thatn 80 (the web port). For example, KVMR’s high resolution feed uses port 8000, which, while pretty common, is not universal. Other stations may not do that. Also Possible: That the Internet Provider has blocked all but the commonest ports?


Winamp agent in the system tray … Panda blocks him from accessing it from the system tray, turn Panda off, make changes to Winamp preferences, then turn Panda back on.


Terry: 2 xp pc’s using file sharing, 3 shared on pc2, on pc1 it can read one of the shares but can’t read the other 2. Turned off Norton firewall, it works until Norton comes back all.
More Details will Follow, Probably to paul’s Picks, abotu this increasingly common issue


http://www.ncerc.org Nevada County Economic Resource Counsel
Check Links on Left for free furniture and recycling office stuff



Nevada County’s recycle web page


Microsoft office/excel mail merge problem … make sure both excel & word are the same version,
To Do THis: Help… About… in either program. Should match version wording.

try printing to a file not the printer. Try checking this site to ensure all Office Products Up To Date (Paul’s Picks) http://officeupdate.microsoft.com

You MUST use Internet Explorer to do this. Also– If you do not need Paginations (Page Numbering) Turn it Off. It slows things down a lot.


Script error messages

Open internet explore, tools, internet options, advanced turn off “report script errors”

Thanks for transcribing this, Glenn!

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