July 16 2007

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XBOX Hell- Lots of Returns cost Microsoft $1b+.

iPhone: will we have one to show on a Webcam & play with? we Surely Hope So! Or, you can always stick it in a blender. http://www.willitblend.com/

I got my little hands on the competing latest Blackberry Curve.. http://www.blackberrycurve.com/
No good for pudgey fingers or middle aged eyes this one.. $1 reading glasses for thsi $600 unit- Okay!

Try Open DNS- some other DNS server! http://www.opendns.com/
Read on their site for why. And it's Free 

Animated demo of SpamArrest, a spam prevention system. Explains things real well! http://corp.spamarrest.com/howitworks2/

How do free software makers like Mozilla Project that makes FireFox and ThunderBird make their money if they are not up to mischief? We Discuss. The answers may surprise you!





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