July 14 2008

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KVMR's Birth Cries were around 1PM July 14 1978 which we mean to commemorate!!!!
It;'s Also Bastille DAy commemorating the start of the French Revoltion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastille_Day

We sprang an Interview with Jemma Abbott, a founder and first voice on the air of KVMR after 'Dead Air'- Archive to Follow
Some Background about early Tech at KVMR– Analog!
Soem Info abotu the state of Technology on July 14 1978 and wehre various of us were…..

VOIP Virtualised Phone Number- CAN move ATT numbers up here now.. see http://Www.BraodVoice.Com and lingo.con and of course vonage.com for More Infornation: Basically it's Dial Toen generated by a call router for a virtual exchange over the Itnerent. But your house phones are all the same… Ket's Talk!

Disability Use of Windows XP: Thanks to Andrea for the Research: If attempting to tune and scale Fonts under XP for vision impairment,  (Yep– Me!)  infinite font & Screen Scaling is simply NOT offered under my preferred Classic mode, one needs XP mode, More on the Show!

Thsi show is dedicated to my father (Paul) who died this day 1995. Also:
THANKS to Michael Stone and many others who are saving our real lives every day
You Know Why! and my tohughts to Susan Kline. 

 http://www.hdrsoft.com/ Photomatix software Increase the dynamic range of your photograph. Your camera and retina have rather poor 'dynamic range' of lighting extremes they can cope with. Your brain takes care of your eyes, Photomatix can take care of your photos actually be blending bracketed shots into remarkable hybrids. Superreal or fake? you decide! (MAC or PC, PC requires free Net Framework 1.1)

End. Thank You!

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