Jan 25, 2010

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<This show was a pledge drive and contained little related to technology. But there was an IMPORTANT WARNING about a virus. Though Paul said it was for Internet Explorer version 8, I think this is the one first involving IE6 and Windows XP. So don't assume it's just for IE8>

As with previous pledge drives, there was an offer, for 4 pledges at the $120 level, to do a computer cleanup to make your computer run faster. This is for people in the general area around Nevada City.
You can pledge at kvmr.org (check out the thank you gifts) or call…
Locally: (530)-265-9555
or 800-355-5865 (800-355-KVMR)

There is a warning about a rootkit attack.
Microsoft has issued an "out of band" update (one that doesn't follow their regular schedule) to IE8 for a "non-intervention" exploit. That's an infection that occurs just by visiting a malicious web site. Paul said he's seen it bypass both AVG & Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition. The symptom is your searches go where you don't expect them. Ultimately, your keystrokes may be monitored and passwords and other information can be stolen. Though the search results, at Google for instance, may seem normal and the links may be indicated as safe, when you click on one of these links, you may be taken to a malicious site because the virus on your computer directs the browser.
– If you're using FireFox, make sure it's the current version (3.6). Though that by itself won't help if you already have the virus.
– If you have the virus, first update to FireFox 3.6 then manually update Windows.
– This virus can also attack by pretending to be an update to an anti-virus program you've never seen before. Become familiar with how your anti-virus program looks and works so a bogus update won't fool you.

<There's more about rootkits from a previous show here.>

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