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Shouts Out to Wobs!
Hello folks, Last Show of 2022!
AT: 12:06PM Dec-22-2022
Solstice was at 1:47 PM on Dec 21 (yesterday) Pacific Time
Confusingly, the perihelion when Sun is closes to Earth in general
is about 2 weeks later: Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 8:17 am PST
Even Worse– the ‘Dead of Winter’- the coldest time- Is mid-season around
early Feb 2023
Bankman Fried– the Bankman Is Fried 


DJI Mini 3 Drone– Wow!

ChromeOS: Cheap Laptops: MediaTek Laptop over Centrino (IE Lenovo)
Way more of a Workhorse than easier models, can run Android Apps AND Linux

A Little About eSims and MVNO s in General
Uses T-Mobile/Spint conglomerate 5G
Finally— deals approaching!
Frequency Allocations are Everything


Best of 2022: native Password management :
Chrome And Safari- Please do not use anythign else!
Legal Changes 2023- Mainly Privacy CPRA
CA Prop 24 election of 2020 goes into effect!
“Right to Be Forgotten Act” 2022
RealID Enforced in May

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