Dec 18 2006

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Thanks to Adam Brodel of SmarterBroadBand.Com in talking about new long range wireless access in Nevada County


 James called into Adam about the You Bet Rd area to see if there is any coverage area there. DVD reproduction & labelling contact a company in town called Sound Idea 478-8770


Jeff, what type of speed can Adam provide via, check the web site for various options for up & download speeds.


Alan called in to see if LCD's screen are affected by high altitude. He lives at 6300k near Tahoe. Most likely LCD's are not affected by the difference in pressure at that altitude, though Adam says that plasma tv screens are affected.

Coulter has Mac OS10.4 with ITunes can't connect to radio station in Colorado, there might be a problem with the proxy server & port number that that internet radio feed is coming in on.


Ellen has a friend with a pc running ME and using 64mb will this computer work ok for getting onto the internet & checking e-mail, yes, just don't open too many windows at once!


Truett, using Real Audio and can't get KVMR online … we recommend removing Real Player on the Add Remove Programs List & using ITunes or Windows Media Player.


Is available in the Loma Rica area of Grass Valley. Adam suggests checking out the web site to see if that area can get the signal.


Rich, can you magnify images and text on an internet page using Internet Explorer? Check out ADA programs on the PC to check … Google Toolbar uses a nice simple magnifier … try FireFox


Chamba Gmail from Thunderbird hanging up sometimes …. possible that a .wav file is having trouble or another large file is trying to be downloaded on his dial up connection. Go into Gmail via the web and delete any e-mails containing large attachments.


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AVG free


Evernote for the PC

Cloudmark to filter spam in Outlook & Outlook Express



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