Dec 17 2007

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Tech gadgets for Christmas is the theme. If you found something cool, call in and share.

Seems more & more people's annoyance at the rampant materialism of the season simply causes many  to not want or give give presents as such this year more than ever-

Consider events to do together, specially chosen software for family & freinds, and creative toys like sound and video editing software for those powerful machines!

Consider having a Tech Free Week over the holiday season! the iPod after all is one of the worst offedners for social isolation and separation. If thsi suggestion seems weird coming from the Tech Guys, consider that the worlds greatest and earliest conservationists were- Hunters (If you do not beleive me, look up "forest laws" in Google! before turning everythign OFF!)

Happy 60th birthday, Transistor!

Control Pro Tools from an iPhone:

MAC: "Leopard" Also Known As MAC OS 10.5 will not just run on Intel CPUs. But will NOT run on a G4 (PowerPC)  unless the CPU is at least 850MHz!

iPod Classic– 6th Generation- the Video one…Of Sep 2007 has an UPdate ot 1.0.3- Should One Do That? Yes. (I Say). Note that video adapters to play back trhough TC MUCT be those designed for thsi species of iPod and NOT for earleir ones! $49 from Apple. Less from China by way of eBay or whatever..

Show Notes by Glenn; THANKS Glenn!

Gift cards, starting in January 2008 may not expire and may not have fees applied to them when purchased from a retailer

Pre-paid credit card: Lisener called in to say: a $25.00 one had a $4 'premuim' which appied for values up to $200.00. These cards are useful if you do not trust using your regular credit card online or for family members to go to college etc.

Re: gift giving, foundation and others non-profits gift agricultural resources.

Kiva foundation at micro loan contribution for charitable purposes. 

Iphone clones from Taiwan & China  and  many more.. these do not pretend to be iPhones(Lawsuits!) they just look & operate somewhat liek them.


Moving old outlook files from an old hard drive to a new installation on a new computer, hunt for file name OUTLOOK.PST (do a search for it). First in a folder, enable “show hidden files and folders”.

Open the new outlook, then close it. Now move the old outlook.pst into the new position on the new computer.

DSL & wireless phones Verizon updates each month *228 then select option 2

 Nintendo DS can play educational games

 Mac quicktime to view u-tube pictures, since last upgrade of quicktime it won’t work, but flash player does work


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