DEC 04 2006

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Bill, video display problem with dell laptop … color saturation is extremely high on certain websites, using Windows Media Player version 9 … install most recent version 11, call back to let us know if that works.

James, can routers be put into series to increase the number of ports? No … use the 1st router then add a switch for additional ports.  Also, is it ok to suspend a a laptop rather than turn it off when you're done with it. Paul suggests not using suspend as sometimes the screen won't turn off. Mikail says that with a Mac it is not a problem. Plus leaving your computer on for long periods of time will cause memory drains so turning it off when not in use is best.

Nick, his laptop's cursor randomly jumps around … try turning off the touch pad to decrease sensitivity. And tread lightly on the front of the laptop with your palms, it tends to tweak things inside the laptop and cause the cursor to jump around! Mikail's website for listening to his show online!

mp3 ripper … only for a Mac ;-(

for the Mac Media Rage $29.95 encodes for the PC

Charlie has a grey G4 Tower Mac with an extra video card 10.3.9 OS, both monitors look good in OS 9 but in the newest OS one monitor isn't displaying correctly. Update the software/firmware on the new video card that was installed. ATVI and GeForce2 get the latest driver updates. Also go to check the refresh rates on the displays, try different resolutions.

Bruce has a cayman router that is bridged but the firewall is handling dhcp, might want a pinhole for each location . In case the router gets reset, be sure to print screen on the current settings so it can be reset.

Bruce, Viewsonic monitor has a problem with vertical sync, might be caused by an old video card that isn't able to get enough memory.

Exact Audio Copy, is it a good program, both Paul & Mikail have heard good things about it.

Printer purchase, is it worth buying an all-in-one? Depends on space & requirements.

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