Dec 03 2007

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Thank you Paul for providing the podcast (mp3) of the Dec 3 show:

Subjects mentioned on the show and the number of minutes (decimal) from the beginning of the mp3.

1 min
Some details about the Pharos GPS unit model pdr150

6.25 min
ASUS Eeepc mini-laptop with solid state hard drive; running Linux
see Glenn's review:

10 min
A similar unit is the Palm Foleo;
product discussion:
but it's discontinued:

12.33 min
USB floppy drive can be found at:

16,5 min
Tips for improving a wireless signal,

20 min
Suggestion to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer 7:

22.66 min
Pluses & minus; pc vs mac laptops
Real estate people & accountants — take a listen to the podcast at about 24.9 min
Sorry, I couldn't decern what Paul said, something

29.5 min
Rumor has it that DSL is available "on the ridge", but don't tell anyone, it's a secret
att.comto check for availability of DSL in your area

31.5 min
Tips for installing a bigger hard drive & bringing the OS & data over to the new one.
Running Windows & Linux on the same pc.
34.66 min
Boot Linux from CD to try it out. Install to your hard drive if you like it. or

38 min
Ghost from Norton and Partition Quest (or is it Partition Magic) to bring an image of a hard drive to another drive.
Possibly some free software to do a disk image at

42.5 min
Does it make sense to buy an Apple to run windows with Bootcamp. And more pc vs. mac banter
Open Office instead of Microsoft Office:

48.5 min
Dell laptop power supply pin broke, there may be a recall

50.5 min
What'a on next week… more Christmas gift suggestions

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